“Hi, I’m Alex of HauntPay. We helped haunted attraction with scary simple payment solutions, accepting credit and debit cards, online, offline, in person and online ticketing.

We’re here at the Transworld Haunted Attraction Convention. You can see this place is booming. There are people all over the place, huge exhibits and we’re having a blast here because we’re launching our brand new online ticketing system, Hauntpay Ticketing.

I want to tell you guys, we couldn’t have done this show and had the impact that we’re having so far without the help of Promoshin.com. Ben and Promoshin, I literally got ahold of this guys three or four days in advance of the show. They helped us put together this awesome video in absolutely no time flat.

People are stopping and commenting on how great our video is, how great our product is. I really want to thank Ben and Promoshin.com for all the awesome stuff, all the awesome attention we are getting today.

Happy haunting this holiday season. Check out HauntPay.com and definitely use Promoshin for all your promo video needs. Thanks.”

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