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Early in the creative process for any video, you’re going to come to a crucial crossroads.

Animation or Live action? On the surface it seems like a tough decision.

On one hand, your favorite movies are live action…

On the other hand, you did really love Finding Nemo.

What’s a decision-maker to do?

We’re going to pull back the veil to show you that the choice is a lot easier than it seems.

Depending on who makes your video, a typical animated video can cost anywhere from 1 to 25 thousand dollars to produce, and takes about 3 to 6 weeks.

With live action, those numbers start closer to 5, thousand, and the upper limit is out of sight.

They also take much longer to create.

Why the big difference?

For starters, here is a list of people that are involved in a quality animated video production.

And here are the people who are involved in a live action project.

That’s a lot of mouths to feed.

And that’s only part of the reason live action can get so expensive.

There’s also a logistical can of worms that someone has to deal with.

And if something didn’t come out right the first time, or something about your business changes…

Updates or revisions become just as costly as the initial pass. And you can forget about updating your video months down the line.

With animation, the logistics are simple, revisions are a breeze, and they age like a fine English Stichelton That is, very nicely.

Plus, animation can be much better for communicating abstract ideas, with fewer restrictions than a live action shoot.

So if you’d rather be limited by your imagination than your budget, The choice is clear.

And if you value quality, transparency, speed and affordability, then Promoshin is the best choice for your animation needs.

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