Bijan Zamanian of | Miami, FL - Promoshin


“How are you doing everyone, my name is Bijan. I’m the Director of Brand Development here at Dappry. I wanna take a quick moment to give you a little bit of insight into my experience with Promoshin, and the animated video that we did with them for our company.

First thing I wanna talk about why I chose Promoshin over the other companies that I did research on. First and foremost was actually the testimonials, so all the other testimonials that I viewed really give me insight into how the experience would be which I really appreciated. Also their turnaround time seemed to be a little quicker than everybody else that I saw on the market. Also the fact that they did unlimited edits – you know this is a collaborative process that you go back and forth on so the ability to go back and forth as much as I wanted to without them adding more to the end invoice was really nice, and that was a big part of me making the decision.

While I found shopping around was that I knew this is gonna be a bit more on the expensive side and can be a frustrating experience with all the elements in it and all the going back and forth…so that was something I took consideration as well. Getting into the Promoshin I knew would be a bumpy ride. I didn’t think that it would be smooth sailing throughout the whole process but they actually did a great job in making sure that I was comfortable. They made me feel part of the team. They made me feel part of the process, which I appreciated as well. So that was a really big for me going into the experience.

I didn’t really have any fears going in except the fact that maybe it wouldn’t come out, you know as I anticipated…or that my partners in the company wouldn’t be happy with the end results because they just wanted perhaps goes someone different…but Promoshin again did a great job in making me part of the process. It really wasn’t bumpy for me with Promoshin. Again, being a part of the team with them throughout the whole process made me feel comfortable that we weren’t missing a step and there’s no miscommunication in my ideas coming out on their end with the video. So every edit I made they would send the video back, and it was really easy.

I would say some of the top benefits in working with Promoshin, again was the unlimited edits. They were great with their timely responses with the emails and the phone calls. The customer service was amazing. And again, the process was really great. One step at a time, we’d go from the storyboard, the script to the storyboard to the voice over to the edits. So it was very, very seamless. And I would definitely recommend Promoshin to another company that’s thinking of doing an animated video. They are cost effective compared to what can be out there. You have really no risk because they guarantee everything with unlimited edits and if you’re not happy they will continue working on it until you are happy. I really have only the highest regards for everything that they did there. And any other videos that I choose to do in the future, I’ll definitely go with Promoshin.

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