Bob Riggs of | Riverside, CA - Promoshin


“Hello my name is Bob. Our company is CloudFair. We are a new company with little experience in this field.

In our research we were sent a few explainer videos to help us make some of our decisions so the idea of our using these seemed right. We looked around and interviewed a couple of explainer video businesses.

The hard part was trying to understand how the process worked. This is our first time in doing something like this and it was a little scary.

We chose Promoshin for a few reasons – timetable worked for us and they were located near and the budget was reasonable. We filled out a question to give them information to help write the script. Questions were very detailed and complete and made us analyze our target market and what we needed to say.

So after a few revisions which they were really great about, I think we got it right. I would recommend Promoshin, easy to work with, easy to get contact with. Thank you very much.”

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