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Judy McKee of | San Diego, CA


“Hello, my name is Judy. I own a company in Escondido, California, with my daughter and we needed an explainer video to go onto our website, and I started pricing out different companies.

I was stunned when I found that most of the quotes that I got were between $10,000 and $22,000 to do something for a minute and a half, and I wasn’t able to do that. That’s way too much of the budget of our small company.

So, I kept looking around and I saw this ad for Promoshin, and I filled out the form and I sent it in, not knowing, you know, exactly what I was going to get, and was I surprised. I got a fantastic job. I met a wonderful person by the name of Ben, and later George. They helped me put out to the public what our business is all about in a minute and a half or two minutes, something like that. It was fantastic.

Working with them was so easy. They were back with an answer immediately whenever there was a question, and they always made me feel smart and right to have chosen them, and I am and I was and I love that company. We’re going to do another one right away. I hope you do business with them as well because they will not let you down.

You know you can’t worry when you can count on a company who knows what they’re doing, who are experts at what they do, and then they show you that and in a timely manner and a price that you can afford. I don’t know what else you would want. Please do more business with them because they are terrific. I love them. I’m gonna do another one right away. Bye.”

Donna Nordby of Terra Firma Global Partners | Sebastopol, CA


“Hey everyone, my name is Donna Norby. I’m a Real Estate Agent with Terra Firma Global Partners. I hired Promoshin to make an explainer video because I wanted to tell my clients that are past, present and future that I’ve got a little bit different skill set than just your average Realtor.

I’m a 20-year property manager, I’ve got experience in construction and project management and I didn’t know how to explain it to people. You know, you can’t do that by just handing out a business card. The one thing that I liked about Promoshin is that they created a story for me and a character and it turned out great.

All my friends and family have nothing but rave reviews about the explainer video and what I have to say. It’s made my husband very, very jealous, I think he wants to do one now for his business. It’s really fun and it’s really simple. The great thing about Promoshin is that I was a between escrows and what happened is I didn’t have a lot of cash with me and they worked with me.

Ben and Mark were phenomenal. They decided to help me within my budget and to create something. The design team really, really knocked it out of the park when it came to listening to my wants and needs to create my story.

I would really recommend them to anyone. If you’re on the fence or you’re thinking about it, a video is simple and yet effective, a way to get clients and to explain who you are and what you do. I’m really thankful for
Promoshin and for them taking the time to help me out. Thank you so much.”

Andy Sutton of | Thornborough, United Kingdom


“My name is Andy Sutton, the Founder and Chief Executive of Conga over here in the UK.

Several weeks ago we were looking for an animation that we needed in really quick time. I did  lot of searching around the Internet and came across Promoshin and from the outset I was really impressed with the quality of the service that they offered, the price points that they were able to offer to me but more importantly the quality of the people that I was dealing with.

They were so responsive and we had to work together really closely over two weeks short burst to create an animation that I have to say turned out to be excellent.

There’s a lot of choice out there when you’re looking at animations and it’s difficult to know where to go but I would certainly recommend that you look at Promoshin. The quality of what they do, the price points that they do attach but I said before the people that you’ll be dealing with are really excellent. They will deliver you a great result. They certainly have my 100% recommendation.”

Isabela Cultrera of Upsringer | Italy


“My name is Isabela, CEO and Co-Founder of Upsringer. If you’re watching this clip I’m guessing it’s probably because you’re looking for someone who can create your explainer video.

Well, let me tell you something. I worked with both Ben and Mark from and they were great. They did an awesome explainer video for our new company platform and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. The quality is very high and the price was unbeatable.

We did the explainer video in two languages, English and Italian. They were very prepared for this international project. So thumbs up to Promoshin and the whole team. They wrote a great script and all the phases of creation were overall pretty good.

We occasionally asked for some minor revisions and they were very open to our needs. So I totally recommend them if you’re looking for someone who takes the time to listen to your needs and works hard to fulfill you requirements. And they met all the deadlines on time which was great.

So you know, I know there are hundreds of companies out there that can make explainer videos and right now you’re probably overwhelmed with quotes and emails from companies from all over the world with prices up to even like $20,000, but let me show you that Promoshin will not let you down. So thanks and good luck.”

Dan Alger of | Buford, GA


“Hi, my name is Dan Alger, and I am the Director of Communications for an organization called Anglican 1000. Our role at Anglican 1000 is to encourage, equip and catalyze church planting, starting new churches throughout all of the United States and Canada.

And so we recently worked with Promoshin to put together a video to explain some of our core values of who we are and our mission and particularly, a new campaign that we’re doing called the 123 Challenge where we’re spurring on the churches that we’re working with to really take part in this greater effort of starting churches throughout all of North America. We needed a way to creatively and memorably – and hopefully with an entertainment value as well – communicate who we are and what were doing and also challenge people to take part in it.

So the animated motion graphic explainer video seemed to be the way to go, and Promoshin was really great to work with. I’m a newbie to this process and they really held my hand through the whole creative process step by step, from writing the script to getting the right graphics in the right place to choosing the music to the final edits.

Everything was great. They were very, very timely in answering my questions of which I had a lot and also in making the revisions that were needed as well, because whenever you’re putting together a video like this as part of a larger organization, you’re not the only one who has input in it so we had to go back a couple of different times to do some revisions, and they were really, really helpful and really, really wonderful to work with in that process and again, very quickly they processed those requests very quickly as well.

So I was very happy with the process, very happy with the end product as well. Getting good reviews on it as we’re starting to roll it out within our organization and beyond as well. So the animated explainer video for Anglican 1000 is a hit. The process was great through Promoshin as well. So we’re very pleased.”

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