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Aeron Sullivan of  |  San Marcos, CA


“Hi my name is Aeron Sullivan, CEO and founder of I wanted to take a quick minute to recognize Promoshin for putting together a great video for us. They helped us in a tremendous way and so I wanted to help them by putting this video together. But also I wanted to help you, one, to make the decision to have explainer video made, and two, to hopefully use Promoshin because I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with that, with either decision.

I had a couple of fears going into making the video, not just with Promoshin but in general. I was worried about cost for a startup. We don’t have a lot of capital, we’re bootstrapping it, so we needed to be cost effective. It needed to be time effective or it needed to be deployed in a very quick manner. We’re a startup, we’re moving very quickly.

We’ve got a lot of investors interested in us and so I wanted to get that video out to help to keep that momentum and to keep that excitement about the company. And the third one is I needed it to be customizable. has a brand we hope to represent a few things so I didn’t want to just make our videos different from the rest of the videos but I wanted to make it embrace some ideas and concepts in the field that is

Going into the video making process with Promoshin I had some expectations, you know. They had a rich history of videos in their archive that you can view. In fact we used some of those to help decide what type of video we wanted to make.

So I knew what we were going to get was going to be pretty good but I had no idea that was going to be the level that it was when it was finally delivered. Whether it be through the scriptwriting, the storyboarding, the illustrations or the final video production they are with you every step of the way.

Helping guide you to make something better than you can probably imagine and two, staying engaged with you so that you have plenty of opportunities for feedback so when you get that video, there isn’t that nagging aspect that you wish would be changed. It’s absolutely what you expect, what you want and will probably exceed your expectations if you use Promoshin.

Some things I liked about the company is that they were engaged from the beginning. You weren’t just another customer. They seemed passionate about the video making and about making your video. I know I talked to the President a couple of times and he liked where our video was going, was excited about it and in fact we even exchanged couple of emails regarding the things currently in the industry that we are entering and that’s turned into a great relationship that I’ve had with Promoshin.

I will absolutely use them again, not just because of their product but because of the company’s service is at the highest level that I could expect from a company in this market.

So Promoshin, thanks, you guys are awesome. For all you entrepreneurs, businessmen and women out there, one, an explainer video is absolutely the way to go. It is a great way to convey information. Do it in a fun and engaging way. If you use Promoshin to put together that video, I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Thanks guys, look forward in working with you in the future.”

David Andrawes of | Australia

“Hi, I’m David from DirectSMS and today I just want to share my experience of working with Promoshin to create our explainer video for our website.

Let’s start with why I chose Promoshin. I think from when I was doing the research out there, I thought they practice what they preached far better than anyone else in terms of their own explainer video, and I think they’ve had a very clever concept and storyline and very well presented and certainly was appealing enough that I was quite happy to go ahead with them.

When I was doing my research I did find there were others out there, but I don’t think any of them really presented their offering as clear and as easy to go ahead with as Promoshin did. In terms of expectations, this was the first time we did anything like this. Myself and my business partner are very engineering minded, left-brained type of people.

Going into the creative realm for us is not something that we typically do or really have a lot of experience in. So Promoshin really sort of made that process a lot easier for us, and I think it ties also into their process. They really gather the right information upfront so nothing was really lost in translation.

They are really easy to work with, made the process very simple to follow. The Project Manager that we were working with, George, was lovely to work with and very accommodating and certainly exceeded our expectations in terms of his project management skills, as well as the end product with the final deliverable that was produced.

Would I recommend Promoshin?  Absolutely. We certainly will be doing other explainer videos in the future, and we certainly would be using them ourselves, as well as anyone else that we knew that wanted to get an explainer video, we certainly have nothing but praise and really happy with the output that Promoshin has produced. Thank you.”

Bob Qualey of | Friendswood, TX

“Hi, this is Bob with PVF Direct. We’re a startup business to business company that deals directly with large industrial engineering companies.

When we decided to do an explainer video we found out that there are so many options on the Internet. We explored many different companies. We talked to many of those companies and we found that although we didn’t know where the pricing should be, pricing was all over the board which made it even more confusing for us.

We saw pricing from the $3,000 range all the way up to the $12,000 range. We also noticed that all the videos in each company’s portfolio whether they were $3,000 company or $12,000 per video company, the videos all seem to be very very similar to one another. We really couldn’t tell much of a difference if any at all.

Another thing that we discover as we reached out to other companies was that they didn’t seem all that interested other than booking our business. They weren’t so helpful, they didn’t ask us any questions. They were just quick to tell us to fill out the paperwork or the online profile, make the deposit, and get the video started.

So we continued the search until we came across Promoshin and all that changed. When we talked to Promoshin they were very helpful, they were very interested in our business. They wanted to make sure that we’re putting out a video that we could be proud of. A video that would take our vision and our strategy to the market in a way that we could both be proud of and most importantly would be effective for us.

So, you know, we also discovered that through this process rather quickly, I must add that Promoshin was by far the most competitive. When we heard their price we were little skeptical at first. We thought for sure based on everybody else was there would be additional charges along the way. Promoshin assured us straight away that there were no additional charges. We can make as many changes as we needed or wanted to make through the process and we put them to the test on that.

We started this process with Promoshin and I would say it took us probably longer than the average person to get our video done but that was by no fault of Promoshin…that was strictly us making so many changes along the way. We changed things that we went back to the original one and not once did Promoshin ever make us feel like we were being rushed, like we needed to hurry, or that we’re making too many changes.

They really helped us honing of what our goal was, what our marketing goal and our vision was for this project and for that we couldn’t be more thankful. We certainly don’t feel like we would have gotten that from any other companies and if we had we feel like we certainly we would have been charged more for it.

So I would say anybody out there looking for explainer video to take a look at all the other guys and I think what you’re gonna find is that Promoshin not only has just as high quality videos as everyone else, as creative, as visually entertaining as anyone else in the marketplace but I think what the real difference is you’re gonna find that Promoshin really becomes a part of your team and they work together with you with one vision that is to produce a video that executes the direction and the marketing strategies and the vision that you have for your company and they don’t stop until you’re happy with the product that you have. So for those reasons I would certainly recommend Promoshin for your next explainer video.”

Pankaj Gupta of | San Mateo, CA


“Hi, my name is Pankaj and I’m Co-Founder of – which is a social networking platform which is catered towards Cricket. So we approached Promoshin to create 6 different videos for our different marketing needs, and one thing which I would like to mention here is that they did a splendid job in creating all those videos.

So the whole idea was that our website is catered towards six different rules of the Cricket which we wanted to explain and apart from that, we wanted to have a kind of overall explainer video which we can put on our landing page. So it was a big project, and we did our research on the website but ultimately we figured out Promoshin for a couple of reasons which they proved that yeah, they would.

So a couple of specific points which I wanted to point out here is first thing, as we provided multiple rounds of feedbacks on different videos needs, and the whole team, Promoshin team, was very cooperative and supportive. They took our feedback very seriously and within a very short span of time, they actually implemented all those feedback which was kind of really nice.  We went back and forth multiple times but they were collaborative toward the process which was awesome I must say.

Second thing, very price effective. It was kind of overall, the length of six videos is nearly around 15 minutes and they provided us best value of the money. Indeed, I still remember in one of the very few discussions which we had with Ben, in fact he suggested a couple of awesome ideas through which we can reduce our costs which was kind of very encouraging and that was one of the reason actually we selected Promoshin over any other company. So I must say that they provide really good value of the money.

Third thing which I can say is good suggestions. So considering that I was kind of new in this whole video creation process, one thing which Promoshin team did is that they gave us wonderful ideas on how we can make our video better. They always came up with some creative ideas which helped me and my team in creating the video. Most of the time, I used to feel that I’m part of that team, rather that I’m someone who is actually an outsider. So that was kind of one of the things which I surely would like to highlight here.

Next part which I must say is quality of work. Overall when they delivered the video to us, it is looking very professional in nature. In fact, they always used to give us kind of a good amount of options to like about which voiceover artist we want to go for, what background music we want to go for. So they always gave us multiple options and all of those options were awesome but yeah, ultimately the video which came out, it’s quality I must say is very professional in nature which is very encouraging.

The best part was that there was no fine points in the contract. So a lot of times it happens that when you reach out to someone, they provide you multiple fine points. You can’t go beyond three revisions. There should be this word limit or there should be this character limit but with Promoshin, what I realized is actually they were very receptive of our ideas, and there was no fine points in the contract which we signed. So we agreed on a price, and afterwards it was all like that. Okay, I’m part of the team. I’m working with the team, and they are not working on my video but they are trying to create something which looks good. So that was again, very encouraging.

Overall, I must say that the whole experience was very fun, and I got what I was actually looking for. To be very honest, in the beginning I was not very sure what I was looking for but with progress of this project, I realized actually what I’m looking for and this team helped me with that. Not only did they help me with that, but they also came up with something which I was looking for. So I would surely like to recommend Promoshin to all the users or whoever is kind of shopping for video creation at this point of time, and I must say it’s a good company to work with – so thank you.”

Casey Homoly of | Kansas City, MO


“Hi, my name is Casey Homoly and I am the owner of Alpha Team Dumpster Rental. We’re a business out in Kansas City and we used Promoshin to put together an explainer video for our business which we thought or we hope would help our clients understand the products we offer and a little about the service that we offer. Again, hopefully that we see it on our website and then call us and they can ask more informed questions and we can do a better job of taking care of them.

So with all the options out there we chose Promoshin, and I have to admit the number one thing I liked was the straightforward pricing. They listed their price on the website and it really helped me make a firm decision right then and there. A few of the other companies did not…and I had to call them and found out they were six, seven times more expensive than Promoshin, and the sample videos on other websites to me looked the same.

So definitely it was my first reason why we worked with Promoshin for not knowing them from anywhere. Searching around I just found out that Promoshin’s pricing was much more in line with our budget and what we needed to do for our product line.

My expectations going into this project was I just hoped we would get a video that I would be excited to share with my future clients. I really do not what to spend the money on a video that I was going to just going to archive away on my hard drive and never look at again. So to me it was a little bit of a risk doing this; just this getting an explainer video. But you know Promoshin really helped me get through that and did a great job with it.

My fears, that was my biggest fear…it was just the fact that I may not get a video that I was excited about and spending a lot of money to do that. As a result of hiring Promoshin, I found out they were really easy to work with. They listened to what I had to say about my business and things I wanted to convey to my clients and they also did a great job of translating that into the explainer video and they obviously are really skilled at what they do. They produced the perfect video for me. You know I would recommend Promoshin to anybody.

There’s no reason not to use them, there’s no reason to spend a ton of money, you know five, six, seven thousand dollars on some of these other companies putting together an explainer video for you, when Promoshin will do it for fractions of that cost. They do a great job and you know you get what you pay for even though you know couple of thousand dollars is expensive, it’s a lot better than six or seven thousand dollars.

You know if you believe what I’m saying my video is incredible. I can’t wait to get it live and send it to people and hopefully it’s going to not only increase our business but it’s just going to make our daily business easier with people understanding what we do and how we do it and what they can get from us so as we’re not going over and over explaining it time and time again. In that way just everyone’s expectations are better and again this simple little video is hopefully going to do some great things for my business. Again, I highly recommend using Promoshin and obviously there’s no reason you shouldn’t as well. Thanks.”

James Baffuto of | North Porth, FL


“Hello, my name is James of I want to take this opportunity to thank Promoshin for creating my explainer video. They did an awesome job. I highly recommend Promoshin to anyone looking for an explainer video. Their professionalism, the project management, price, quality is the most reason why you would wanna go with Promoshin. They put an awesome product.

This process for me took, I’ve been thinking about a video for quite awhile, you know everyone has a video. If you go on social media, no matter where you’re at, something has a video, video this video that. Everything out there is video.

So I took the plunge and decided to make my own explainer video because my emails and talking just wasn’t getting a point so I thought this was the best route. So I started researching, googled and came out with several different websites. Started investigating them, getting quotes, looking at the quality. Nothing was would I, nothing stood out to me, basically and when I get the quote back and the price was out of this world. It was crazy. The price wasn’t even in the ballpark.

Then I found, I came across Promoshin and I looked at the website, I looked at the videos and something click and said wow. These are pretty cool. I thought that the quality was great. So you know…I put a call into Ben, he responded back promptly.

Even before doing anything with him he took what I had as a script. It was more, you know several paragraphs he took it and brought it to the level where he needed it to build the explainer video properly. So he was able to take that and that was all before he even did any contract work with him or signed a contract or said yes let’s go for it.

He did that work prior so right there that’s a value. He took the time to listen and do the work, to get that customer to engage and that was what I liked a lot. His commitment to a product that, you know, he didn’t have to do that. He did it anyway and that’s golden.

That’s awesome and then the price, the price was on target. You know I don’t know what’s good or not but comparing it to other vendors out there was just he couldn’t be it, okay and his marketing is awesome. He does the right thing. He’s very proficient with that so that was another thing for me too.

I would highly recommend Promoshin for your explainer video. The quality is awesome. Their project manager George was great. I knew exactly where I stood throughout the process. There were plenty of revisions and it took them. They don’t understood them and it worked and I am very pleased with the outcome.

So if you’re out there looking for an explainer video, Promoshin is the company to go with. There’s nothing, you know, other there’s nothing else I could say other than they do an awesome job.

The quality is topnotch for the price you’re going to pay. You can’t beat it. So go out, look, definitely look around. Look at the other products but I guarantee you come back to Promoshin. They’re just awesome to work with. The quality is awesome, and you can’t just beat it for what’s out there today. Thank you. Take care.”

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