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Karole Sessums | Jackson, MS


“Hey, I just wanted to take a second to give my own input about Promoshin videos. A company I would recommend to anybody who is out there looking for an explainer video. I have to make explainer videos for my clients on occasion and I have looked around the market.

There are a lot of choices out there in the market today but I liked Promoshin. I chose Promoshin over a lot of other companies that I looked at because of the options that they gave. They were super more affordable than the other a lot of companies that are out there.

Not only affordable but they gave me a bunch of options that I liked. They gave me a lot of great examples that I could look at. The last project that I did, I actually, I did have a particular style that I wanted, that they said they would match.

You know, they said I could find any kind of video out in the market and that they would match that and create my video to have similar style to that. They didn’t have to come from one of their examples which is what I did.

I chose one I think that was not one of their examples. I was very happy with the characters that they created for me in this particular video.

I did work a good bit on the script but they were very helpful in kind of helping me with that but I loved my little characters and that’s so much of what gave me the feel of my video. They also gave me the options to be involved in my video a lot. Choosing the music that I wanted and that sort of thing.

I loved that I had the freedom to do a lot of creating myself but yet have that support from Promoshin at a very affordable price to do the things that I wanted to do. I think one of the biggest concerns I had about working with Promoshin was the same thing I liked about Promoshin, was how affordable they were.

So I was very concerned that with that type of price, what kind of product was I going to get? Like I said, I’ve worked with them several times and I’m just thrilled with the results that I’ve gotten. Have more and more people want to do explainer videos because of the ones that I’ve done so far.

So as I said I would just highly recommend them. I don’t know what else to say except that they were timely on what they do as far as getting back with me.

They do a really super job, matching up the things that I wanted in my video and just putting the whole thing together in a really nice simple way. I appreciate the other services they offer as well.

I’ll continue to use them and I highly recommend that you check them out and maybe it’d be a great option for you as well. Cheers.”

Jason Carlson of Forerunner Software | Bothell, WA


“My name is Jason Carlson. I run a small business to business software company, selling BI software to companies on top of the Microsoft stack. I had made a product video of my own when I first launched my company but I needed a shorter, more target sales video to help me improve my customer conversions.

I did a lot of searching around and got a couple of quotes for what I was looking for. Prices range from several hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. All of varying levels of features and involvement needed for me.

Promoshin was the best option for me in terms of budget, timing and quality. I had spent significant time reviewing the many videos and testimonials on the Promoshin site and I had a very clear idea of what I wanted based on the video I created myself.

All of the samples I reviewed helped me determine exactly what I was looking for and how to produce it. Getting started with Promoshin was very quick and easy. The only concern I had during the process was the time between iterations. Once we finalized the illustrations, the final video was done quickly and high quality.

Once I found Promoshin I felt comfortable doing business with them. Their pricing, terms and approach in producing the video was straightforward and exactly what I was looking for.

I would recommend Promoshin to anyone who is looking for an easy company to work with to produce a low cost, effective explainer video.”

Felice Colarusso of | Sydney, Australia


“Hi, my name is Felice. I just wanna say thank you to Promoshin.

Of all the options that we could find out there in the market, it was obviously the most readily available. We did quite a bit of research looking into the product and found that looking at past testimonials and work that was done by Promoshin. We were very happy that we did go with them and I guess it gave us the satisfaction that we could rely on them to get the job done.

I guess our fears were going into other than the project worked out at all but we found that being reassured and the thousand of emails that we send between each other and we did worked efficiently and you could a good result using the Promoshin video set up.

I guess the major benefits that we saw doing this was speed and efficiency. We didn’t have a lot of time to get this project done and obviously Promoshin was very good in understanding what our needs were in getting it done. Definitely we would recommend Promoshin for any projects or videos that need to be done professionally and quickly and explainer videos in particular are hard to find.

We found Promoshin did a great job doing that. Again, we would like to thank for the professionalism and the time and effort putting into the project. Definitely comes highly recommended. Thank you.”

Helen Cao of | London, United Kingdom


“I was looking for fun and engaging way to explain my business idea, and I looked over several websites making explainer videos. Initially I had no idea about where I should go, but when I was on Promoshin’s website, I found a variety of styles that I can choose from.

And since I never had an explainer video made, I didn’t know where to go and what the procedure is to make a video. But on Promoshin’s website, there is a clear plan…giving me a really concrete idea about what to expect at each stage. Like when storyboard will be ready, and when to choose my voiceover for the video.

The best feature of working with Promoshin is everything is delivered punctually. Everyone is very friendly, and would do their best to meet your expectations…so I would definitely recommend Promoshin.”

Kara of | Saugus, MA


“Hey there, my name is Kara and I am a Marketing Manager at Affordable Concrete Cutting in Massachusetts and we were looking for someone to do an explainer video for us and have received quotes as high as $7,000, which is crazy. Fortunately we found Promoshin and we hired someone from there to do the video.

I am so pleased. The video turned out so professional and spot on to exactly what we needed.

I would recommend this to anyone. If anyone is looking for someone to do an explainer video for their company, check out Promoshin. You will be so pleased with them as I am for sure.

Annita Emerson of | Dublin, CA


“Hi, this is Anita with Tan Angels. I recently hired Ben at Promoshin to a do a video marketing campaign for me.

I can’t say enough about Ben’s professionalism and my video looks amazing. I had 763 shares, four new likes and tons of conversions in one day.

Ben, I can’t wait to do our next project. Thanks so much for your help.”

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