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Eric Bramlett of | Austin, TX


“Hi, my name is Eric Bramlett. I recently completed a project with Promoshin. We did about a two minute explainer video. I selected Promoshin over the other explainer video companies out there, honestly because of their consistent marketing and because of the quality of their past work.

Whenever I researched the market there’s a wide range of pricing and a wide range of quality. One of my biggest concerns was would I get a quality video? If I get a video that’s not quality at all it’s completely worthless to me, no matter what I paid for it. The final result of the video has been extremely positive.

I’ve promoted on Facebook considerably and I’ve received a positive reaction from both current clients and from potential clients. There’s been a lot of comments on it, a lot of shares and what not. I’m quite certain that I will get new business as a result of the explainer video.

One of the best parts about working with Promoshin is their efficiency. They have a very, very high level of efficiency. We went back and forth on probably, I don’t know, 15 to 20 revisions during the storyboarding process. They were very prompt. They were extremely great to work with.

I would definitely recommend working with Promoshin to anybody who is in the market for an explainer video for that reason, because of their efficiency and the quality of of their work. Whenever somebody is looking for a company to work with to create an explainer video, I would highly recommend looking at their past work and then also contacting some of their past clients to make sure that the process was an enjoyable process.

Again, I can’t recommend Promoshin highly enough. I will absolutely use them again. I’m already considering doing a shorter version of my explainer video just to see how it converts and, yeah, great job guys. Love working with you.”

Bijan Zamanian of | Miami, FL


“How are you doing everyone, my name is Bijan. I’m the Director of Brand Development here at Dappry. I wanna take a quick moment to give you a little bit of insight into my experience with Promoshin, and the animated video that we did with them for our company.

First thing I wanna talk about why I chose Promoshin over the other companies that I did research on. First and foremost was actually the testimonials, so all the other testimonials that I viewed really give me insight into how the experience would be which I really appreciated. Also their turnaround time seemed to be a little quicker than everybody else that I saw on the market. Also the fact that they did unlimited edits – you know this is a collaborative process that you go back and forth on so the ability to go back and forth as much as I wanted to without them adding more to the end invoice was really nice, and that was a big part of me making the decision.

While I found shopping around was that I knew this is gonna be a bit more on the expensive side and can be a frustrating experience with all the elements in it and all the going back and forth…so that was something I took consideration as well. Getting into the Promoshin I knew would be a bumpy ride. I didn’t think that it would be smooth sailing throughout the whole process but they actually did a great job in making sure that I was comfortable. They made me feel part of the team. They made me feel part of the process, which I appreciated as well. So that was a really big for me going into the experience.

I didn’t really have any fears going in except the fact that maybe it wouldn’t come out, you know as I anticipated…or that my partners in the company wouldn’t be happy with the end results because they just wanted perhaps goes someone different…but Promoshin again did a great job in making me part of the process. It really wasn’t bumpy for me with Promoshin. Again, being a part of the team with them throughout the whole process made me feel comfortable that we weren’t missing a step and there’s no miscommunication in my ideas coming out on their end with the video. So every edit I made they would send the video back, and it was really easy.

I would say some of the top benefits in working with Promoshin, again was the unlimited edits. They were great with their timely responses with the emails and the phone calls. The customer service was amazing. And again, the process was really great. One step at a time, we’d go from the storyboard, the script to the storyboard to the voice over to the edits. So it was very, very seamless. And I would definitely recommend Promoshin to another company that’s thinking of doing an animated video. They are cost effective compared to what can be out there. You have really no risk because they guarantee everything with unlimited edits and if you’re not happy they will continue working on it until you are happy. I really have only the highest regards for everything that they did there. And any other videos that I choose to do in the future, I’ll definitely go with Promoshin.

Roger Derham & Brandon Timlin of The Badlands  |  Elk River, MN


“Hello guys, my name is Roger Derham from The Badlands and I’m Brandon Timlin from The Badlands. And you know, we’ve been using Promoshin for one of our marketing campaigns, and we used them all above all other options because…why is that, Brandon, do you think?

You know, we searched the internet like everybody does and we did our research and we thought that for the value, the video examples they had were pretty good.

Our expectations were pretty high. We wanted a kick-ass video. And we got it. We had a ton of concerns and fears. We didn’t know these guys. They are on the West Coast. We’re from the Midwest. We didn’t know how it would work, if the video would be any good, if they were going complete on time, if they were going to do what they say they would.

We had all the concerns everybody does but it turned out well. Yeah, and our Badlands product was pretty kind of unique. I thought the top feature was, we included ourselves on the videos, they actually had a British voiceover artist to mimic this guy right here. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

I think it worked really well, and they’re pretty timely with their communication as well. So the Project Manager that we worked with was pretty hot off the press giving us updates, so that was pretty cool considering the time constraints we were under. I think we would make another video with them.

They stood by what they said they would do and they did it, and I’m happy. They followed through. They executed what we wanted. Definitely, we would recommend Promoshin. They did a wonderful job.

Again, we had a unique project to work with. We had them to do some unique things which we didn’t see in any of the other videos with The Badlands so yeah, very good.”

Nancy Meek of | Phoenix, AZ


“Hi, I’m Nancy and I have a new e-commerce business that I wanted a video for. For both explaining and promotion.

So I started researching my options and I wanted something that would be professional and really reflect my brand. And as I was going through I found several options but most of them are way out of my budget so I happened to cross Promoshin and I started looking at the samples.

They were really good. I listened to the testimonials, and it really seemed like what I was looking for. So I gave Ben a call and he was super accommodating.

He walked me through the whole process and said they would work with me to get it right. And so we started and as I added or change anything, they were very efficient and they did it immediately, very smoothly, and the cost was really reasonable.

So the bottom line is I would highly recommend Promoshin if you’re thinking of doing a video because they were great to work with, very reasonable. I was satisfied in the timing and the product and the cost.

And we’ll probably do more because as we grow we’re going to need more videos and there’s no way to engage our audience better than to watch a video. So I do recommend Promoshin highly. Thank you.”

Julie Watson of | Orange County, CA


“We just finished our fourth video with Promoshin and it’s been a great experience. Initially we chose Promoshin because I thought they had a great variety of explainer videos on their website and in particular since we sell inventory management software, I was looking for good software industry sample videos and they had great ones on their site.

It seemed actually a lot better than the competition, so that’s what made us choose Promoshin in the beginning and they absolutely came through for us because we ended up making four videos that explained very well how our software works and they never once complained about the edits that I came back with and they were many edits and they never once said that was too many or try to charge any extra fees and so I just really appreciate their strong emphasis on customer service and it was a pleasure working with them and they absolutely did it until it was great and so the results have been really good for us.

In fact, we’ve had some our largest customer come back to us and say: “Who made your video for you because we’d actually like to go back and use them.” We’ve had other comments saying because our video talks about a fictitious guy named Bob, so people come back to us and say, “Hey we’re Bob from your explainer video. That’s exactly how we did inventory management and we need what you do.”

So obviously it helps get the story through to people so we couldn’t have been happier with how it worked out to work with Promoshin and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an explainer video.”

Patrick Powers of Ivy Athlete Tours | Greenwich, CT

“My name is Patrick Powers. I am the Founder and Director of Ivy Athlete Tours. I just wanted to quickly shoot of a quick video testimonial about the Promoshin team.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve worked with the Promoshin team in putting together an animated explainer video. I was so pleased, I felt that a video testimonial was more appropriate than a simple Facebook like or Twitter share or something like that so you guys could put a face and voice with the recommendation.

But for about two to three weeks, I was looking for an explainer video, animated. In that process, you go through pricing and past work, things of that nature and obviously their past work speaks for itself but what really separated them was the attention I got in the process from start to finish and really couldn’t be happier with the Promoshin team and the work that they did because as I’m sure everyone here knows that anytime you pick a service provider you don’t know, there’s no initial trust because you’re obviously – at least if you’re me – you’re searching through Google and things like that, but really couldn’t be happier with the Promoshin team and the work that they did for me. So pleased that I’m going to have them put together two more animated explainer videos here in the next couple of weeks.

I just wanted to say to the Promoshin team thank you very much. Any business, small, medium or large, I would highly recommend using this team as they were more than accommodating when it came time to make small edits. Obviously the big edits are one thing but making small little edits here and there, never showed any kind of frustration. Just wanted to put together a great product and that’s what they did.

Thank you again Promoshin team. I highly recommend to anyone searching for animated explainer video.”

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