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Scott Phibbs of | Tempe, AZ


“Hi, my name is Scott Phibbs. I’m with I just wanted to talk about how using was really a wonderful experience.

When we first started looking for an explainer video, we looked at quite a few different companies but we settled on because they have a massive portfolio. It was really, really expansive and a really great examples and they had the exact video type we wanted and they were very reasonably priced, so we were very happy with that.

What we, we weren’t really nervous about too much, we just really wanted the video done and they were very accommodating, very patient with us. We had a lot of edits, so, we but they were very, once again, I like to say they were very patient, very helpful, very accommodating, they were really, really terrific.

The staff was amazing. Jack and George were terrific, super helpful. Helped us with every aspect of it, answered all of our questions. It was really, really a great experience.

Overall, I would highly recommend to anybody who wanted to make an explainer video for a website or for their business. It was a terrific experience. Thanks a lot!”

Martin Clarke of Urban Pulse | Miami, FL


“Hello everybody! This is Martin, founder of Urban Pulse Publishing and Very, very thrilled to have worked with the people over at Promoshin.

We chose Promoshin after looking at quite a few other companies and we found that their follow up and their attention to detail was exactly what we were looking for. So that’s when we found out of our research with working with Promoshin after looking at several different companies.

The response time from basic questions just didn’t seem to be there for us but with Promoshin we received immediate follow up and immediate responses from our questions. We weren’t really sure what to expect because we are a sort of a new-found product there. We are niche market and we weren’t sure if Promoshin would be able to match up with what we were actually trying to do, being that we are so different, but what we found was that Promoshin was more than capable of following up with our requests and there were numerous.

We had several different revisions, several different send-backs because we have a lot of eyes on it, but every time Promoshin responded right back and gave us exactly what we were looking for. So, I would definitely recommend Promoshin to anyone out there looking for an explainer videos, or like services, if for nothing else just to follow up and the attention to detail.

So, if you’re really serious about what you’re doing and you want it professional and you don’t have time to play around with a bunch of slow responses and that type of thing, I would definitely recommend that you work with people at

And not only was the pre-production process smooth and effortless, the post-production process was just as smooth and effortless and the follow up was just as flawless. So yeah, definitely work with those guys over at Promoshin. Ben and the rest of the folks over there are excellent–they’ll look out for you. And good luck with your projects. Take care.”

Mark Emerson of | Los Angeles, CA


“We made an extremely wide choice in selecting Promoshin. I am Mark Emerson, CEO of AngelBase which is a new database technology targeted to redefine the IT industry, exciting stuff. We are raising funds from investors and needed an animated explainer video for our website,

I looked into numerous production companies specializing these videos including many in India and the Philippines. I was surprised to find that right here in the United States, Promoshin seemed to be offering the best deal.

I asked numerous questions via email and Promoshin’s CEO Ben promptly and satisfactorily answered each one. His excellent attitude convinced me.

Promoshin delivered way beyond my expectations. Our video tells a complex story and it took a while to develop the script and storyboard. It was a collaborative effort with many hours spent on our side.

If you want a good video, I think you need to put the effort in to  support the production. Our Creative Director, Jack at Promoshin did an incredible job for us. He was amazingly cheerful, prompt and precise in all of our many communications, again excellent attitude. Our voice over artist, Kristy also at Promoshin did a fabulous job and animators worked miracles for us. Please check out the resulting video in People love it! Some people who previously knew about AngelBase said that video helped them understand it much better.

We will definitely be doing more videos with Promoshin. Thank you Ben, Jack, Kristy, our animators, and everyone else at Promoshin. These are great people. I strongly recommend Promoshin for animated explainer videos.”

Derrick Koenig of | Alberta, Canada


“Hi. My name is Derrick Koenig. I am the owner of a online grocery store in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, named

We recently used Promoshin to do our first video. And, we did that after talking to a few alternate suppliers or producers of these videos and really found Promoshin to provide the best value.

And, throughout the process of developing the video, we definitely found them to be the easiest to work with. They were very quick to turn things around and, definitely, the project finished within the time frame that they originally promised.

So, we now have our video up on our website and—using Vimeo. And, we did that after receiving the follow-up e-mail from Promoshin—after getting the video—and, which—I guess—included a lot of really good ideas on how to—I guess—how to promote your business with the video made for you.

So, looking forward to working with Promoshin again on future projects and definitely would recommend them to anyone trying to develop an explainer type video to help their customers understand a little more about their business. So, hope that helps. Thanks. Bye.”

Diane Miller of | Fairfax, VA


“Hi, I wanna tell you about the great service I got from Ben Marvazi and his team at My name is Diane Miller. I am a writer, a CRNA–which is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist–and the CEO of Pedia, LLC – the Pediatric Device for Induction of Anesthesia. It is a revolutionary device that I have patented to help children go to sleep in a fun and engaging way for surgery rather than the way that we’ve done it in the past. It’s truly remarkable, but my problem was showing people this concept without bringing them into the operating room.

Even other anesthesia providers and vendors and medical distributing companies had a tough time picturing it and they deal with this stuff everyday. Now, the writer in me knows that, in order for folks to really get it, you have to show, don’t tell, and that’s exactly what an explainer video does. It shows exactly how my product works and compares a Pedia induction with the standard, traumatic, mass induction and it does it beautifully.

Everyone now gets it and is on board with changing a one-hundred-year-old process and making it better.

Now, I’ll tell you why I chose Ben’s team at Promoshin. Initially another company had approached me but when I looked at their site they really only had one idea for their approach. I chose Promoshin after extensive research and found that I got the best deal for my dollar and, at the beginning, my dollars were slim to none. Most of the companies charged at least two to three times more for the exact same services that Ben offers and, sometimes, they even offered less.

Also with a couple of these other companies, I felt a bit insignificant and I never felt that way at Promoshin. Ben’s team always made time for me and my hundred and one questions, I knew absolutely nothing when starting this process so my end product took longer than average and I had a million questions and they were always happy to sit down and explain things to me.

I really wanted to be sure that I was doing the right thing before, during and after hiring them and at this point I have a fabulous explainer video and I know that I did the right thing in making an explainer video and in choosing Ben’s team. I know I chose the right team, my explainer video rocks—seriously–and it’s convinced two major names in anesthesia to give me a second and a third look.

Best of all, I love it. I love the way that it looks and feels and that’s really important to a creative person. My video explainer is informative and light-hearted. It’s exactly what a product for children needs to be.

After the video was completed, I had other options for purchase available at a far reduced price because I went with Promoshin to start with. They offered me things like musical logos, commercials and everything that I would need for branding and I’m learning, in business, that branding is the bomb—it means everything.

So, I have Ben’s team to thank for helping me to make my brand. They were so easy and patient and professional.

I would wholeheartedly use them again and recommend them to anyone and everyone serious about promoting their product or their business. You give them a try and I promise you won’t be sorry. Thanks.”

Greg Carkhuff of | Amherst, MA


“My name is Greg Carkhuff of HRD Press. I chose Promoshin to do our explainer video. And, I must say, that it was one of the best service experiences that I’ve ever had.

It was very easy to deal with them. They were very well organized and they had a quick turn around, I got a great product and the service was great.

I picked Promoshin for three different reasons.

One, was that they seemed very well organized, they got back to me very quickly, it was easy for me to schedule a time to speak with them, gave me all the information I needed and I like that. Two, was I thought their pricing was extremely competitive. And three, most importantly for me, was that we had unlimited revisions for our explainer video and that was very important because I wanted to make sure we got something that we really liked.

And I must say, at the end of the day, I was extremely pleased with them and I would give them an A. Their quality was great. We got a great video.

Working with them was very easy. Turnaround was quick. Pricing was good. And I really have no complaints.

I would definitely use them again and if you’re watching this video, I would say use them and you’ll be very happy that you did. Thanks and have a good day!”

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