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Todd Butcher of StorageBall | Houston, TX


Expectations: “Hey, everybody, Todd Butcher here, IT guy, inventor, father of two. I just want to say thank you to the guys over at Promoshin for helping me put together my first explainer video. I’ve done a lot of projects in the past where I needed marketing material and advertising stuff, but I’ve never used an explainer video. So I want to say thank you guys getting that out for me. It said exactly what I wanted to say. The cost was great. Working with you was a pleasure. Everything that I would expect in a company that I’m doing business with was met, and I really appreciate that.” Research: “So when I start researching anything like this, it sounds kind a corny, but I do it in a bit of a holistic way and it starts with the website. So I visit the website and I want to get a good feeling about it. Do I feel comfortable there? Is it easy to maneuver? Do all of the links work? The color is right. This all goes into my decision matrix, and then the next thing I do is I send a question or a comment to the company, either via email that they’ve got posted or if they have a web form, I’ll send it through there. And I ask a specific question that can’t be answered by a form letter that I get back. If I get a good personal response, you feel good.  You feel like you’re getting personal service. If you get a canned letter that directs you to their help and support page for example you know that nobody even looked at my question. So I got all these with Promoshin and I felt really good about it.” Concerns: “Everybody is going to have concerns when they venture into a new project, right? So my absolute biggest concern was will I be able to get across to the company that I’m working with my idea of what I want, and will they be able to understand it and turn it into a product that’s gonna get the message that I want out. That was my absolute biggest concern. So after, even before I started the project, a few questions and answers back and forth via email with Promoshin, they completely understood what I needed. We went ahead and started the project, finished it – and voila, I’ve got a great product.” Benefits: “Okay, let’s talk about benefits. There were several benefits to working with Promoshin: 1) The communication was great. I always knew that I could get a hold of them if I needed to 2) They had some talented artists that knew what they they were doing. They knew exactly what I wanted – at a fair price. The last thing that appealed to me was the fact that they allowed me to break the total payment down into several payments which is exactly what I needed at the time. Anybody that’s in business knows that cash flow is an extremely important issue. I can’t say enough about the benefits of the whole package, everything I needed at the time – talented artists, good communication, worked with me on the payments on it. So I have nothing but good things to say about them.” Results: “Okay, so the results that I got were exactly what I expected. My instincts were correct. I got a good feeling all the way through the entire project, and if you’ve ever done any type of project work in the past, you know that there’s a lot of moving parts in it. And the more time that you have to spend on any one part that’s causing you problems and taking more time, that becomes a pain point. This piece of the project that I was working on, I didn’t have to worry about. I had great communications with them. I felt confident that they knew what I wanted, and it all came together. So as I’m juggling all of these different pieces of the project, that was one piece that I didn’t have to worry about. So I was more than happy with the results.” My Personal Recommendation: “So anyway I think I’ve said enough. is the way to go. You’ll get a great product at a great price, and everything that I expected was met. The results were great, and I couldn’t be happier with my end results. So, that’s the way to go.”

Paul Slack of | Farmers Branch, TX


“The Promoshin animated video service. As a internet marketing consultant, I’m always recommending to my clients that they add video to their content mix, and as you might imagine animated video is really hot right now and so I was looking for a video partner that I could recommend to my clients and before I decided to send any of my clients their way, I wanted to try them out on my own. And so I looked all over the web.

I did a lot of Google searches. I talked to colleagues and friends just to see what was available out there and quite frankly, I didn’t see anything quite like Promoshin. Nobody had the body of work that was available to look at on the website, and certainly nobody had the depth and breadth of the different industries that they served…so I thought that they be a great partner. I didn’t expect to see the level of project management and scriptwriting capabilities.

I figured that they were really good animators, maybe had some good software to make that quick and easy and painless but was really impressed with all the assistance we had in writing the scripts and all the steps that they took to make sure that I was very satisfied with the storyboard all the way down to the finished product. I highly recommend these guys, and I’m getting as many of my clients involved with them as I can. Thanks a lot.”

Jason Cahill of | New York, NY


“Hey guys, this is Jason Cahill, Founder and CEO of Traansmission. We’re a logistics marketplace, connecting truckers and shippers. So the reason I’m here is probably the same process that I did a couple of months ago.

Why Promoshin? Why them? There are lots of options out there. Some are cheaper. Some are more expensive, but I think the responsiveness when I asked them the initial questions. Certainly the price is great and competitive but I think that really the responsiveness to emails is really what sent me over the edge.

So like you, we did research. We figured out what companies were out there, what they offered, what they didn’t, and so after a week of looking at various websites and some good, some bad, we really thought Promoshin was the team that we wanted to work with.

Expectations going into it, we had a pretty tight timeline. We had a working script, but the team really answered questions we had upfront, were really thorough on what a sort of timeline would look like. How if we edited, that’s fine, but it might obviously take more time, and they also gave us a reasonable expectation of how long the clip would be from the outset.

I think the concerns we obviously had were what would the quality look like. They have a lot of samples so you’re able to see that upfront. So I think one of the other concerns was timeline, making sure that it would fit in the timeline we wanted it to.

As a final result of hiring for us was really word of mouth referral. We’re in an incubator as you see behind us. There have been a couple of other companies that have used them and strongly referred them. So I think that’s the strongest referral, is talk to people who have used them, and really that’s why we decided to use them.

I can’t recommend strongly enough using Promoshin. They were super responsive, even responding on Saturdays. The typical startup life, you don’t have a lot of time to make tweets and edits but they definitely were extremely responsive to emails that we would send back and forth. So good luck, and I think you’ve made the right choice coming to Promoshin. Thanks a lot.”

Eamon Murphy of | Naples, FL


“Hi, I’m Eamon Murphy with Equity Realty in Naples, Florida and I wanted to take a little bit of time to tell you about my experience with Promoshin. We looked for a explainer video online, and Promoshin is actually the first vendor we came across and really no need to check out anybody else.

So got working with Promoshin right away, and the communication right off the bat was really terrific. We got the project rolling very quickly. We were going in a direction right away which didn’t really give us any reason to solicit the services of any of their competitors. I didn’t really shop around too much, but once we got the estimate from Promoshin we were really happy. It was very fair. Their terms were really good. So we just decided to go ahead to use Promoshin and go from there.

Our expectations were have a really good video. We had a lot of direction. Our vision, we articulated through emails to them with a specific script. They were able to take that script from us and our description of the animations and put that into a storyboard really easily, without much input from us which was good.

Once they created that storyboard we had some revisions but I feel that their initial storyboard that came up with based on my description was really good. It was right on point. And the revisions that I had were really just kind of tweaking little revisions here and there.  They made those revisions, no problem, came back to us very quickly. The communication was always there and that was really terrific.

The final product was great. It was so good in fact that we used a part of that video but actually created a second video. So when you’re happy enough with the product to use them again, that’s a true testament. We’ve used them a couple of times already, and I would certainly use them again.

If anybody’s looking for an explainer video, a vendor, I would say, you know – one stop shop. They can do it all. Promoshin handled every aspect, from the visual to the audio, to really just listening to what we wanted and putting that right back in production for us so that we can move forward with our project. I didn’t want them to get sidetracked with a lot of other things. I just wanted to get the video out and get it done right.

I think I wouldn’t even go shopping around too much because in that amount of time, you could have had a really terrific explainer video already done for you. So we’re really happy with the product that we have now. We’re going to use it for our marketing for a long time and if we want to change it up, I would probably go back to Promoshin and do another video with them. So full confidence and very happy with Promoshin and everything they’ve done for us so far, and maybe we’ll be doing some business again.”

Kyle Strong of | Marrieta, GA


“Hello, my name is Kyle Strong. I’m a Co-Founder of which is a mobile and web-based application for perks and rewards for groups and affiliations, and I chose Promoshin after being impressed thoroughly by their thoroughness and by the different arms of the company. From the initial call back I was impressed, to the communication of the owner of the company, to the Project Manager, and just the professionalism that was displayed to my Co-Founder and I was very impressive.

Prices that we considered from other companies were way out of our price range, but the combination of the pricing, as well as the professionalism with dealing with Promoshin was ideal. My expectations with Promoshin was to have a professional explainer video in a short amount of time for completion which was going to just require a good understanding of our complex kind of web idea, and they really did nail it.

My fear was that Promoshin wasn’t going to understand our vision and that the script would take very long to write, more than the time that we anticipated but that was not the case. I found that the Video Development Team was able to really nail our vision and come up with an explanation video that fit perfectly with our website.

The communication, the pricing, the professionalism, the timeliness of the video completion – all those things were key in this whole process. My experience, I would definitely tell any type of startup company or established company that’s looking for a video for their company to use Promoshin because my experience was very painless, and my Co-Founder and I are extremely pleased.

Anything that I would give as far as a recommendation when looking for an explainer video, I would say to the company owners to put in your requests. That’s what we did. We did several sites. We put our requests in, and then we wrote down our top concerns and then when they called back, we narrowed it down to who impressed us by answering those questions in a timely manner and just their overall professionalism and again, we chose Promoshin for those reasons.

Again, I’m Kyle Strong, Co-Founder of Kehoots, and I recommend that you use Promoshin for your next explainer video.”

Piers Hills of | Sydney, Australia


“Hi there, this is Piers in Sydney Australia. I just wanted to do a quick video about our experience with Promoshin making our first very first explainer video. We chose Promoshin of other options out there because quite simply they had the most relevant and the most number of explainer video examples on their website.

We really wanna see the capability of their work and what else they had out there and whether they covered all markets around the world. Obviously down Australia we want to just appeal to Australian audience. When we found when we were looking around at different companies out there that can provide our video first , we found a very wide range of pricing from the very cheap to the very expensive and we found a lot of people couldn’t provide a large number of example videos that could show what it would look like for our marketplace.

Our expectations were that it was gonna be a difficult process we never done it before. We’re not in the business of making videos and didn’t know what to expect so we thought this is gonna be interesting but probably difficult.

Our fears were that we might end up with a video that didn’t really appeal to our marketplace, may have poor animation and that the prices would be long winded, take a long time and requires you to have knowledge. What we found when we were working with them was actually the opposite, it was a pretty transparent process, well a very transparent process to the process every step of the way.

They break it down into a three step process and make sure they’ve finish before they start to the next part and that we had a project manager from start to finish that held our hand throughout the process. The features of benefits we liked the most about working with Promoshin were the unlimited revisions. We were never gonna get it right first time and being able to go back and just make some tweaks and changes here and there. I think probably we got a record number, 30-40 different changes. Gotta appeal to us first time makers of videos never gonna get it right that really really appeal to us.

Would we recommend Promoshin? Yes, we would. We recommend it certainly to anyone making a first and you know we can’t see there’d be a better way of making a video, this was made to a simple process where our hand was held throughout the process and it is done quickly, efficiently and whoever get the video start to using it right away.

What we recommend to people that looking for a video, look for a company out there doesn’t have to be the cheapest, doesn’t have to be the most expensive, look around with the most experience and with the experience of making a video that will fit your market is really no good from our point of view having an Australian or a video for an Australian marketplace with an American accent. We really need somebody that has the voice down here that can appeal to our market and that will help us through the process from start to finish.

That’s about it, we’ve been very happy with the whole process and we look forward to making more videos with Promoshin in the future. Cheerio.”

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