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Jason Toy of Shoebox Photo Booth & Canine Dog Training | Charlotte, NC


“Hey Promoshin, just want to reach out to you and tell you thank you so much for the videos you guys produced for me.

I was looking all over the internet. I do a lot of research when I do new projects, so I do a lot of research on finding a good company to make my videos obviously since it’s a lasting impression with my clients.

There was so much variation between quality, communication, a lot of you reply and you fill out one of those forms online, and you don’t hear from them for a few days which is never a good sign.

In my business, I’m big on customer service so I always feel keeping the lines of communication open helps build a long-term client relationship. So I’m very happy with the videos you guys have produced. My expectations were very high, and you guys had delivered. Any changes during the process that had to be made – you guys were very responsive. I gave a lot of detailed instructions and every time you guys returned back with any edits or changes, they were dead on what I was explaining or describing. So that was great.

You guys always, always reply back very promptly, very, very professional, great customer service. I got a phone call initially before we even started, which was very, very helpful, and that way I could get a lot of my initial hesitations and fears out of the way. Plus the fact that you guys guarantee everything was very rest assuring that I was going to get exactly what I had hoped for. So we definitely recommend you guys.

We got three videos currently, probably do some more in the future. The biggest thing I’d like to say, anybody else looking for a video company out there, look at previous work number one, be able to talk to the people you’re going to be working with, make sure you feel comfortable with that relationship, and make sure they’re replying promptly. That’s one of the biggest issues I always I have in general looking for a company – is the delay in time of between the initial contact and how long it takes them to reply back. Thanks again, Promoshin.”

Don Carter of | Lake Villa, IL


“Hi, my name is Don Carter. I’m the founder of Hometown MBA. I’m recording this testimonial video on behalf of

I decided to work with Promoshin after trading emails with Ben and I actually had a chance to talk with him on the phone and one of the things that really impressed me about Ben was his sincerity to really help me try to put together a quality video product. After a few minutes of speaking with him on the phone, I realized that he understood the vision for what I wanted to create with the Hometown MBA video and we connected instantly and so I just knew that going with Promoshin was really going to be the right choice for my business.

I actually had a chance to shop around. I went online. I had a chance to visit a number of competitive competitor website.

What I found is that prices vary. There were some that were less expensive than Promoshin and there were some that were certainly more expensive but again, what I found was that just the example videos that Promoshin had on their site gave me a sense of the types of companies that they’ve worked with.

The diversity of the videos that they could create and also the example videos just really showed the creativity that the company had. They really put together some really interesting and fun and exciting videos for the customers. So I was pleased to be able to work with Ben, George and the team.

My expectations before getting my video, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew I was going to get something a minute to a minute and a half. It was going to be an explainer video that could clearly and concisely tell the story of what Hometown MBA was about.

But from the moment I got the first script to the final video product my expectations were just met and exceeded. The final video product just came out. It was great. The script really conveyed the message of Hometown MBA and I believe that video is really going to help explain to our audience the value proposition of what we are trying to create with the Hometown MBA product.

I think some of the benefits and features of working with Promoshin, again, I think the customer service was top notch. George, my project manager, it was really easy get ahold of him. Very responsive to any question that I had. They responded back to me within 24 hours.

Again I had a couple of phone calls with Ben, very responsive as well. We actually recorded the video and I thought that we are done and my wife actually pointed out a rather significant mistake that I made in the script which could have created some liability for us with the first video and so I went back to George and the team of Promoshin and I asked them to make the change and within a week they were able to edit the video, redo the voiceover and actually the second version of video was actually a much better product than the first one so I was really pleased with their responsiveness to the changes we needed to make.

I’d recommend Promoshin to anybody that is looking to put together an explainer video because I think you get what you pay for and certainly there was significant value for the money that I spent with Promoshin. Again, top notch video product. We got it done in about four weeks so it was a really good turnaround time as well.

So I think in terms of promoting my company through this video I think it was a very good investment so I would definitely recommend Promoshin to others that are looking to put together an explainer video. And even if you’re unsure I would also encourage you to go out to the Promoshin website, take a look at their examples, because, again, I think there’s a number of different examples from different companies that they’ve worked with that can give you a sense of what will fit your style, your company’s need and the type of statement that you want to make with your video. I think you’ll be able to see the type of work that they do.

So again I highly recommend the company. I’m very pleased with their service and hopefully I can work with them again in the future as my business grows.”

Richard Melia of | New South Wales, Australia


“Hi my name is Richard, I’m the CEO of Learning at Work. Learning at Work is an LMS which has been designed and built specifically for the SME market.

We were looking to produce an explainer video for our website to give people an understanding of our product and our differentiators because there are a lot of LMS’s out there but we do different in quite a few ways so we wanted to get that message across to our potential clients and having an explainer video on a website will do that quite nicely.

We looked quite extensively at the companies out there who were offering this type of service and Promoshin probably stood out a lot more than their competitors did. One, their pricing was very competitive and they had what we probably found the easiest part was they had such a diverse range of explainer videos which was great which as it helped us really to identify the right type of explainer video for our company.

They are also very upfront around the packages and the inclusions and the entire process as well which made the selection criteria or the selection process a lot easier for us. I wasn’t sure what to expect when going into this because this is to be honest, this is our first video production from an animated perspective so I wasn’t sure what to expect or actually how to drive this.

I’ve done many video productions where we have human beings but not animated. We are based in Australia and my main concern was the time difference. We’ve often worked with companies overseas and the process can get quite long and drawn and out because of the time differences.

However, we actually found with Promoshin that this was actually an advantage because they were so efficient in getting back to us. We would submit our feedback during our daytime and by the next morning that feedback been actioned and we normally had a reviewed video posted ready for us to review so that made it actually worked to our advantage.

Once we engaged Promoshin for our video production we found them to be very flexible. We had a couple of changes here and there, couple of changes, quite a few changes but they were very accommodating and I actually moved from one package to another so I think I started on a 90 second and moved up to a 2 minute and so forth but that was quite very upfront.

Before I need changes were made the fees were explained and changes explained that I was going into a different category and I was quite happy with that but I was probably happy that there was no surprises at any point so I knew what was going to happen. They were very effective as well. They are very quick, the processing times were very quick in fact super quick. I never thought it will happen so quickly.

Probably some of the benefits I found from using Promoshin again is the explainer video which I found more than enough to help us find the right fit for us. Having a single point of contact, that was very important to us.

One because we are overseas so dealing with a number of people would make it very difficult in the entire process. Having a single point of contact and that person taking ownership with the entire project worked exceptionally well for us in fact it made the whole process very easy.

I would certainly recommend Promoshin to anyone watching this video. It was…dare I say…a fantastic experience dealing with them. It was very easy. We did a lot of research out there to find the right team to produce our explainer video and I have to say we hit gold when we found Promoshin.

So yeah, you got thumbs up from me and yeah thank you for a great service and I will be back very soon with another production. Thank You.”

Jonathan Salem of | Philadelphia, PA


“We chose Promoshin as we make a lot of our decisions, we looked at quality of the service, what we were going to get in terms of its positive effect on our business. Of course the cost, pricing was something that we did consider quite a bit and looked into quite a bit. In the third category as we always look at is just convenience and service, which includes in their communication.

So after looking through the marketplace quite a bit, we determined Promoshin really accomplished all three of these for us. Fortunately, in reality, after the fact that happened to be the case. In terms of our research we looked at probably between five and seven different providers. I’d spoken directly with most of them. I was most impressed by our direct communication with the team at Promoshin.

We seemed to feel that their goal was producing the best highest quality video for us, the most effective thing for our company. A partner that’s going to have their eye on that and realize, you know, our best interest is their best interest. In the end that was big for us. In terms of expectations, you know, before we had the video, we knew this concept was very valuable and an effective communication tool.

We knew that there’s a range, a very big range in how effective it was going to be and how close to our vision it was going to be. So we did not know how close it would end up being in terms of our vision. It very much surpassed that.

Our expectations in terms of communication were quite high. Those were matched, certainly, in terms of flexibility and adaptability of the process in the product. We did have a very high expectation on that and we were very pleased once we got in the process.

In terms of our fears, concerns, as always the marketing of any product is often better than the real thing. For us in the past, different services you know, a big part of communication – having a direct line with the partner to turn that vision into reality. Fortunately it turned out very well for us in this case using Promoshin.

In terms of what we found out, you need to have a partner that does all three of these things that accomplishes a very cost efficient solution, that has a very keen eye on quality and matching your vision to the end product and making it an effective marketing tool for the company. But the biggest of all maybe was just the adaptability, flexibility of the process in terms of us having our updates and edits, to really have our final product exactly what we wanted and we were very comfortable and confident about, again, top benefits and features.

Working with Promoshin, communication, our appropriate degree of involvement in the process. Our ability to really mold what the product would be in the end. I would certainly recommend Promoshin as the option to go with for this type of marketing tool above any others biggest it accomplishes those key things. It’s very cost efficient. It’s going to produce high-quality, effective piece for what you’re hoping to accomplish.

You know they’re going to be a partner that has an eye on the benefit to your business which is of course in line with what they are hoping to accomplish as a business as well. In terms of an individual looking for a explainer video, but if you’re not quite sure, this is a logical process but also a very creative process. There’s certain best practices that can be used. There’s a certain system, techniques, that Promoshin has certainly has down but you need a platform and a pathway to consistently communicate and update and refined what your video is going to be so that you are very confident about.

The more confident you are on your video and what it does, if your organizations is going to allow you to use it many different ways. It’s always tough before you actually get involved with the partner company that’s going to make your explainer video to really know that they’re very good at communication as well and really have their eye what’s best for you. Promoshin does that.

I think their track record speaks for itself. You’re able to really get a look at that track record in terms of their database of clients. For us, we are very glad and happy with ourselves and made the right choice.

You can never know 100% of course what’s going to turn out to be the best option but I can tell you we are very thankful and grateful we chose Promoshin because they turned out to be a very great partner and they are building a long-term business and they want to create a good quality production on their end and that’s evident.

We are very happy and again, price, quality, convenience and service all exceeded our expectations. I know they are at the level that would produce a great product for any company.”

Bob Solomon of | Washington, D.C.


“Hi, my name is Bob Solomon. I’m the owner, Founder and chief bottle washer at software platform consulting. I consult to major business to business software companies, startups and large enterprises.

I did my first video with Promoshin recently, and had a great experience. I did my research before choosing Promoshin on the web and what I found was that Promoshin did the best job of giving me confidence in the actual process that would be used to produce the final video.

I was really worried about whether the video would end up being the quality that I wanted to have on my website, and what I would want my customers, which are pretty sophisticated software customers to see…and Promoshin was really the only site that gave me the confidence through their step by step description of the process that I would end up with the product that I liked…and in fact I did.

I think the other thing that I was concerned about is that I am a nitpicker, I know that…and I like things to be just right. And I have run into creative projects before where it’s not just right and I’m not so very happy about that.

In this case, there were lots of pretty detailed graphics that I wanted to make sure were just right and Promoshin was great about going back and forth. Making suggestions but mainly just making sure the vision ended up being and matching the one I had in mind down to the last detail.

So needless to say I am a happy customer or I wouldn’t be doing this testimonial and I’m already starting work on my second video. So I can highly recommend them and I don’t do recommendations so easily. Thanks. Bye.”

Kyle Earlywine of | Vancouver, WA

“Hello, I’m Kyle Earlywine. I’m the co-owner of Green Flush Technologies and we manufacture public restrooms for outdoor recreations areas like parks, campgrounds, beaches, golf courses those kinds of areas.

We started looking around for a animated video several months ago because we just found that it was hard for us to communicate and connect with people on an empathetic level. It is really hard to say that people care about restrooms when not really all it was. We really wanted to show people the value of having a restroom and so we figured that going with an animated video was the right way to do that.

When we went shopping around for animated videos we found that the typical quote we’ve got was somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000. We eventually found Promoshin and they gave us a quote for less than a $1,000.

We could not believe that they were able to give us this quote. I think we were a little bit suspicious at first that a quote would be that low. We didn’t really understand there must be something up but the more we got into the process, more we realized that we were able to get the exact voice actor that we wanted, we were able to get the exact animation style that we wanted and they were just a tremendous number of animation styles to choose from.

We found, we feel the perfect one for us. In terms of customer service we were really happy there too. We were perfectionists. The whole way we wanted exactly the kind of video that we felt would think we could possibly find someone else out there that could compete with them in terms of overall value so again top notch recommendations for Promoshin.”

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