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David Fontaine of New EDI Marketing | Atlanta, GA

“Hi, my name’s David Fontaine. I’m Director of Marketing for New EDI. New EDI chose to work with Promoshin for a few different reasons.

One, is the value they provided. We felt that they offered a quality product at a reasonable price, compared to some of the other companies we researched out there.

We also felt very confident that our communication would be straightforward. There would be no issue in terms of language barrier, that the timelines for communication would be fairly real time, no time zone differences or at least they’d be transparent, and the third reason is that we saw examples of other B2B companies similar to New EDI that had worked with Promoshin.

We felt confident they would be able to help us convey some fairly complex topics visually in a way that would be appealing and easy to digest and understand. When New EDI did some research about companies that provide explainer video services we noticed that Promoshin as I said before, does a lot of work with B2B companies.

They seem fairly adept at communicating complex topics in a straightforward fashion. The graphics and the animation were very appealing and enjoyable. We found that Promoshin would be a good cost, good value. We didn’t think there would be any issues in terms of language barriers or timing issues in terms of time zones, issues in helping us produce a quality video on a fairly aggressive timeline.

Based on the research we did of other explainer video companies, services, the quality, the pricing and based on the examples that we saw from Promoshin of the other companies they’ve worked with, my expectations were pretty high going into the project, expected that we would have a high quality final video that would tell our story concisely and clearly in a way that was visually appealing, and I believe that’s exactly what we came out of the project with.

We did a pretty good amount of research on other explainer video companies before we decided to move forward with Promoshin. So we really didn’t have any fears per se. Anytime you haven’t worked with a company before of course there are concerns or question marks about their processes, how they do things, timeframes and all that but I found that working with Promoshin was very straightforward, very responsive and were able to move through a fairly aggressive timeframe to get a finished product that we think will concisely and creatively convey the key messages that we want to our key target markets.

I would highly recommend Promoshin to any company that is interested in producing high quality creative explainer videos. Based on my experience with Promoshin, if I have the need again in the future for New EDI I would select them again for that project.

Here are the top features and benefits that I enjoyed from working with Promoshin:

Number one is that the process was very clear. The steps were laid out for us to get started and get them the information they needed and the different components selected to move forward very quickly with the storyboard for the video. They were very good about asking questions and in moving that process along pretty quickly.

So I would say that the couple of reasons that I would recommend Promoshin would be responsiveness, ability to communicate clearly and the ability to keep on a timeline to produce a final result. I would absolutely recommend Promoshin for a couple of different reasons. One is for any company that is looking to convey complex information and easy to digest and friendly format, I think the explainer video is a great way to go.

I think Promoshin does a good job of communicating with the client. They have a very defined process for how they work with clients and produce the videos, and that is very helpful for folks such as myself, that while I have a lot of experience in different parts of project management, interactive projects and things like that, it’s always great working to with somebody that has a process defined that they can repeat and to help you move through the process very quickly.

I absolutely would recommend Promoshin for any company that is looking for a partner to help develop an explainer video that conveys fairly complex concepts in a way that is visually appealing, is easy to understand, and it conveys some basic key messages in a fairly short amount of time.

They also have a process that is clear, that is concise and is easily repeatable. Obviously, they’ve done this a lot and so that’s helpful in guiding any individual, regardless of your experience with marketing, project management, or other projects.

It’s helpful in guiding us through to a quality end result. So I would absolutely recommend Promoshin to any company that’s looking to convey as I said, those complex concepts in easy to digest visual format.”

Mike Hambright of | Carollton, TX


Hey, this is Mike Hambright with We are a real estate investing site, kind of a social platform. Due to the nature of some of the memberships and access to our site, we needed some explainer videos to explain in a way that was kind of simple how to use our site based on what member type you are, if you will.

We searched for a lot of different options. There are a quite few vendors out there and varying levels of complexity and we found that initially, we were pleased with the samples that Promoshin had in terms of what we could do.

We really liked the concept of animation to kind of explain what is that we do and how that relates back to that member type. What we didn’t know at that time is how easy it would be to work with them.

We actually created four different explainer videos to explain four different membership types that we have. There was quite a bit back and forth. It probably took us about six to eight weeks to complete it. Some of that delay was definitely due to us not being able to get back to them right away.

They were definitely much more responsive than what we expected. It was a smooth process. We never had any pushback on anything. Essentially anything that we asked for that was inside the scope of our project was met. It’s a great resource.

I highly recommend using them. In fact I’m sure that we will be using them again in the future and so I recommend you check them out. Good luck.

Carey Heazlewood of | Victoria, Australia


“In considering production of its final video, I have a few different options to choose from. I decided to go with Promoshin for number of reasons.

They had a lot of examples of different work they’ve done for others as well as many recommendations so I felt rest assured they are not just fly by night in other company. Importantly they were price competitive and seem keen to get my business.

My research of various competing companies for Promoshin showed me many companies focused on the big fish. Being a small scale operation I wanted a company who is prepared to spend time on a small organization such as mine.

Before getting a video I expected maybe getting some stick figures in my video or some limited animations. My main fear before engaging Promoshin was being ripped off or being provided with a video of limited use.

After hiring Promoshin I found the video was easier to make than I first thought. Promoshin was prompt in making adjustments are required and supplied great ideas for the initial script. They provided an animated video that surpassed my expectations.

A great benefit of working with Promoshin is you don’t need any real knowledge of advertising or video making. You simply fill out their questionnaire and they come up with the ideas for you. You can of course make any adjustments as you think appropriate to improve a product.

I recommend Promoshin to anyone needing a video made. They are easy to deal with and provide various payment options. They provide a quality product to advertise your business.

For anyone looking for an explainer video, I recommend engaging the services of Promoshin. They will assist you in getting a video done quickly and in a professional manner that you would get you through the hurdles that may have held you back before.”

Phil O’Carroll of | Ireland


“Hi Ben and the team of Promoshin. First of all, I’d just like to really congratulate you guys on a fantastic job which you have done for our company, Fairways and Fundays. We are a golf and leisure tour provider from Ireland.

Obviously when we contacted Ben initially and the team of Promoshin, we had some major issues in relation to getting a promotional video produced for our company. Obviously the first issue was pricing and we were very worried that the cost of a professional video would ran into huge, huge money. As it turns out, thanks to Ben and the team of Promoshin we got a fantastic promotional video produced on a really, really superb budget.

What else can I say? I mean, it’s the work that Promoshin does from taking this project right from the start, from the initial stages right through to completion. I was hugely impressed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Promoshin to any other company or any other individuals who were looking to get a promotional video produced. Initially we contacted Ben and ran through, I suppose, the concept, what we were looking to achieve from this video.

Ben immediately ran through a number of different options. He outlined various options, maybe which would make the video that little extra special and maybe that little extra appealing to the audience that we were trying to promote it to.

I supposed our main concern was as an Irish company and dealing with a U.S. firm, would maybe things get little bit lost in translation and would we get exactly what we were looking for. Obviously, there were issues such as voiceovers, there were issues such as imagery, issues such as the texts and the theme that we were looking to achieve, but I have to say Ben and the team at Promoshin just, none of that was a problem to them.

So again, thank you very much guys, a big hello from Ireland and if you’re looking for a great golf and island tour,, and you’ll get to see for yourself the great promotional video which the team of Promoshin have done. Thank you.”

Jonathan Rose of | Woodland Hills, CA


“Hi folks, I’m Jonathon Rose from Capital Gold Group. Now, I was looking for an explainer video and there’s only one company I would use and that’s Promoshin.

I’ve just finished my third commercial explainer video with them. All equally strong as the other.

What I love about Promoshin is really the ease of use, the customer service. When you are given storyboards about how your animation will take place, if you need to make changes, they make the changes. There’s no grumbling, there’s no pushback. They just do it for you and they do it to my expectations and probably above that.

For what you’re paying for these explainer videos, it’s worth absolutely every single penny. And people give me lots of compliments on it. They think it’s super high quality and really reflects my brand.

I will definitely recommend using Promoshin again and I’ll look forward to working with them as well in the future. Thank you.”

Jack of | Montreal, Canada


“Hi, my name is Jack with Scan Plus in Montreal, Quebec. If you don’t know where Quebec is, we’re a province in Canada.

So we are the home of the Montreal Canadiens, and here’s the punchline – we are the home of bilingualism which makes our job’s double harder, double more expensive. French and English has to be seamless and at the same time, it makes our lives that much more complicated.

I had a very big obstacle with this in this business and our complicated company as well. It doesn’t come easy to make a very concise and straightforward video, especially the two languages. When I came across Promoshin after looking at so many different companies of all different type of prices, believe you me the prices can go up to like ten, twenty, thirty thousand – but when I came across

Ben and his team at Promoshin and prior I actually saw the testimonials which made me very comfortable in the first place, but when I actually got involved and we started to do the actual video with them, we saw how dedicated the team was, how involved in particular whenever we had any questions or had to add things or do things, they were always accessible which made it very, very, very comfortable for us.

We are very demanding so believe me for the price and for the team and the people, the effort they put in, I give 10 stars and if anybody else out there is looking for something that is convenient, straightforward, right priced, and at the same time, a great team to work with, I recommend Promoshin to anyone and especially with our business which is not the easiest. It’s a very complicated field to put something in two minutes in French and English.

You guys are pros, man. I give it up to you. Thank you very much.  Look forward to do more business in the future.”

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