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Adan De La Cruz of | New York, New York


“Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick shout out video to Just wanted let the world know how freakin awesome you guys are. I found you guys online by the grace of Google gods.

After spending, I can’t even tell you how many hours – comparing different video custom explainer video sites. I found your guys site to be pretty cool because you guys have a lot of testimonials, you guys have a lot of examples that I really liked.

In general, I’m always going be a little skeptical about buying something custom, because you really never gonna know what you gonna get on the other end. And you never really know if the person on the other side is really going to take charge of your project…but I gotta give a shout out to my project manager, George. You did an awesome job man, I got to give it to you. All my requests were done on time, all of my illustrations were done awesome. I mean you guys did a phenomenal, phenomenal job.

In the end, I got an awesome video. So if any of you guys out there looking for an explainer video, look no further the If you wanna work with people that know what they’re doing and can get you an awesome, awesome video. Do yourself a favor – go to”

Toraye Izatt of | Temecula, CA


“My name is Toraye and I’m with a small company called Tarts On Fire. We were recently looking in to getting an explainer video just to get the idea what our product does across a little better than just the pictures and some text on our websites was able to do.

And as we started looking into it, we found that getting an explainer video can be a little expensive. So we were a little discouraged. And then I came across with, got super excited because we could totally get our video done well within our budget.

I spoke with Ben a couple of times. He explained how everything worked. Then we went for it, got the script sent over, picked the one we really liked, gave them the ideas that we’d like to add to the script. They were happy to do that.

Then when it came time to do the actual animation, told them kind of what we were envisioning in the different frames, and they were happy to implement those. It was a fairly smooth process with that. We give our ideas. They implement it.

Then we were always like, “Oh, maybe tweak this, tweak that,” and hey were always happy to fix it. It wasn’t a big deal, and like I said – for a reasonable price. So I would definitely highly recommend to other people for explainer videos.

And then to top it off, towards the end of the process, Ben sent out some information on how to get our video out there so more people would see it. We had just anticipated putting it on the website, putting it on the Facebook page, putting it on YouTube, but he gave a deeper explanation of this is what you need to do so that more people will see it, and I’m really excited about it, can’t wait for the people to start coming in in droves to the website.

So again, I definitely highly recommend it, and you can do it well within your budget. Thanks a lot.”

Dr. Timothy Shen of Trinity Family Dental | La Mesa, CA


“Hi, my name is Dr. Shen. I’m here to tell you a little bit about my experience with Promoshin.

We initially wanted an animation to help our practice, our website, to try and showcase our practice, as well as kind of tell our patients what’s unique and what services we provide. I was able to go on Google to kind of research different animators, and I even called a few of them.

And when I found Promoshin and went on their website, they had a lot of different animations. Just even talking to Ben and George, they really put me at ease. I really didn’t have any expectations, but through the entire process from start to finish, they did a great job for us.

It was open communication throughout so nothing was left behind. I would definitely recommend Promoshin to anyone that’s looking for an animator to help their website or practice or businesses. Again, we were so happy with the final product and I’m sure you will too, and that’s my testimony. Thanks.”

Baiju Aurora of | West Orange, NJ


“I chose Promoshin mainly because our marketing consultant for our company recommended Promoshin. I saw the samples on the website and I was pretty intrigued. When I was researching and shopping around, there were plenty of other options but they were very expensive, and most of the people that we talked to didn’t necessarily understand my specific needs.

Before getting my video, in terms of expectations, I really didn’t know what to expect. I saw the examples, but the whole process, I thought that it would be challenging for Promoshin to understand my needs.

Our product is very specific in a niche market, and our customers are also quite unique so I was kind of wary that it would be hard to explain that and to come across in a very succinct way. In terms of the fears that I had, I saw the price was very competitive so I was a little bit wary of the quality, and also how much involvement we would need to have in the development of the script, development of the whole video, and how to design the whole process. We thought it would be very hands-on, and also we had kind of a anticipation of being upcharged for even minor changes.

Those were certainly the concerns that we had coming in. As a result of hiring Promoshin, I was very very pleasantly surprised. They were extremely easy to work with. Jack, on the business development side, kind of the head of helping our design, as well as George, from the project management perspective, were very easy to work with. They completely understood our company’s direction and messages for the video, and they rapidly put together this video which met our timelines.

In terms of the top benefits or features that we liked about working with Promoshin: 1) Understanding our company’s needs and our company’s messages 2) Price, it was very competitive 3) The speed of service 4) The flexibility they had in making changes to the video, minor changes when we needed them based on having feedback from others.

In terms of recommending Promoshin, absolutely we would. We feel that they have the correct balance of cost effectiveness necessary to be very competitive in this market. And if someone’s ever looking for an explainer video and isn’t sure which company to choose, we would never recommend anyone else besides Promoshin. You don’t need a high priced supplier, because you have Promoshin that provides the quality, which is the most important thing, but also at a very competitive price.”

Jason Iles of | Henrico, VA


“Hi, my name is Jason. I recently launched a website called Noosh to help professional and do it yourself decorators to manage their projects. Shortly after launching I was advised that one of the best things that I could do would be to create a video explaining the site to users to help on conversion, and so I set off to find a partner that would help make that a reality.

Originally I started looking locally and was quoted between $18,000 to $25,000 for a 2 minute video. So needless to say after receiving that, I started to take a much closer look at Promoshin.

So I was looking for three things mainly, the first one was cost. I self funded the initial site, and I wanted to make sure that I would find a partner that left some money in the coffers to run the actual marketing campaign after the video was created. And at a tenth of the price of what I was quoted locally, I knew Promoshin be a great value from that perspective.

Secondly, I was looking for a specific video style. I had examples of ones that I loved online and I wanted to make sure that we could replicate that type of style. So looking at Promoshin’s portfolio of videos, I knew immediately that they would be able to handle any type of style that I wanted, and saw examples of many that were close to exactly of what I was looking for.

And lastly, as a developer, I’ve never been one that has been accused of being too creative. So I was looking for a partner that could actually bring out that creative side and really drive this process, with little input, and I’ll be honest I was little hesitant at first.

I feared that I might end up with a cookie-cutter solution. But those fears quickly went away as we started working together and I knew that they were bringing me a truly custom solution for my needs. And that’s really one of the biggest things that Promoshin brings to the table, that drive to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

We went back and forth couple of times on the script, on the storyboard, on the style, on the animation, and each time they continue to hone in on exactly what I was looking for to get me the video that I wanted. So it’s a great service, and they really work closely with their clients. So anybody that’s out there that may be on the fence, thinking I don’t know if this is actually gonna get me the video that I want, all I can say is go for it, you’re gonna be happy that you did.

I’m walking away with a video that I’m absolutely thrilled to have, and one that I don’t think I could have gotten elsewhere. And to the team at Promoshin, I just wanna say thank you for taking the time to make this video a reality. I look forward to working together in the future. Thanks.”

Fred Moreno of | Elgin, IL


“Hi, this is Coach Freddie with Coach Training for Warriors Elgin. So I just wanna give a shout out to Promoshin for hooking us up with this really cool video that basically says our whole message in a cartoon style which I think a lot of people are attracted to.

I didn’t really want to use my own face or my coaches. I just wanna get our message out without just cracking our clients, if that make sense and I felt like this cartoon illustration will get our message out the best and it’s absolutely been a smash. Our leads have been through the roof. We get our message through, and they’re pretty much their sold before they even come in.

You know that was my expectations and it worked out and it was a calculated gamble or risk I should say but you know by looking at their examples and their videos, I knew it was going to be a very low risk. It wasn’t like a high risk or anything but doing a video of myself with you know footage and all that , there could have been you know, you just never know.

As far as, you know, so that was one of the things I was debating whether to go with just doing a video of myself and my coaches or going this route and I definitely going with Promoshin  I just want to give you, if you guys thinking about it or on the fence. Definitely go with them. You know it’s a no brainer. Man, these videos are awesome.

As long as you fill out the questionnaire properly and get that what’s in your mind. Get it to them on their questionnaire and definitely get that message across and it’s really cool because they’re saying it and their illustrating at the same time.

So it’s just, it’s ridiculous man. So yeah, I wish you guys the best. Definitely go with them. Excuse me. Yes, Promoshin all the way.”

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