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6 Reasons Why You Need Internal Videos for Your Business

Here are the 6 reasons why you need internal videos for your business:

1. Your business has more than a handful of employees.
2. Your business has multiple locations.
3. Your business has remote employees.
4. Your business is a tech company.
5. Your business is a start-up.
6. Your business needs to facilitate training.

8 Effective Ways to Use Animated Logo

Here are the 8 effective ways to use animated logo.

1. Intro for branded videos
2. Outro for branded videos
3. Attention grabber at trade shows
4. Email signatures

5. Presentations
6. Social media
7. Website homepage
8. Digital advertising banners

5 Stats That Prove the Power of Videos

Ever wonder why marketers continue to choose videos as one of their marketing techniques? Here are 5 stats that prove the power of videos:

91% of people have watched a video to understand how to use a physical product better

74% of people have watched a video to understand how to use a new app or website better

97% of people think that video is an effective tool to welcome and educate new customers

65% of customers say video is their favorite way to get to know how to use a product or service

69% of people say that they feel more video should be used when asked how they feel companies could improve

What Is a Demo Screencast?

What Is a Demo Screencast?

– A digital video recording of your computer screen and usually includes audio narration.

– It is also called screen capture video or screen recording.

– It showcases a company’s value proposition and helps customers understand why they would benefit from the product or service.

Fun Fact About Steve Jobs and Pixar

Steve Jobs helped revolutionize animated movies in Pixar with computer-generated animation which kicked off the start of the renaissance in animated films. Now that’s one fun fact worth knowing!

The Benefits of Adding Subtitles to Your Video

Here are the benefits of adding subtitles to your video.

1. Subtitles can help people, especially visual learners better retain information about your product/service.

2. Videos with subtitles have longer viewing times which increases your watch time and video shares.

3. Adding subtitles to your videos allows viewers to enjoy your content, even without sound.

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