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The 5 Key Features of Startup Videos

For guaranteed success, make sure your video has all these 5 key features of startup videos:

1. Short
2. Simple
3. Focused
4. Animated characters
5. Colorful


3 Main Types of Calls to Action for Your Animated Video

Here are the 3 main types of calls-to-action for your animated video.


1. Voiceover CTA

  • Very effective for people who like being addressed by a recognizable voice
  • Voice quality and pacing should be consistent throughout the animated video
  • Should be accompanied by Text CTA’s or subtitles when used in social media videos


2. Text CTA

  • Text should be bold and kept for the last 15 seconds of the animated video
  • Must be clear and highlighted from the rest of the video
  • Should stay on screen for at least 7 seconds


3. Clickable CTA

  • Typically includes a hypertext link or clickable button
  • Provides the shortest path to conversion
  • Any URL change and a dead link may produce an extremely negative experience

The Structure of Explainer Videos

Before you take a step in creating your own explainer video, you should learn its structure first! Here’s the structure of explainer videos:

The Problem
The Solution
How the Product/Service Works

How Subtitles Add Value to Your Videos

Here are the 3 ways subtitles can add value to your videos.

1. Subtitles can help people, especially visual learners, better retain information about your product/service.

2. Videos with subtitles have longer viewing times, which increases your watch time and video shares.

3. Adding subtitles to your videos allows viewers to enjoy your content, even without sound.


Fun Fact About Beauty and the Beast

If you’re a fan of Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, here’s a fun fact for you!

Fun Fact: Production of Beauty and the Beast took more than 3 years and required the talents of nearly 600 animators, artists, and technicians.

Fun Fact About Beauty and the Beast

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