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Can’t Figure Out What Video Style to Use?

If you can’t figure out what video style you should use, here’s what you can do.

– Ask for the opinion of your trusted colleagues.
– Watch sample videos of brands in the same industry
– Ask for recommendations from your production company suitable to your brand.


The 3 Types of Leads

As you know, Lead Generation is undeniably beneficial to a business.
Organizing and defining your leads will help you find out what kind of approach you can use for those leads.

Here are the 3 types of leads.



Information Qualified Leads (IQL) – Individuals who learn about your product at the awareness stage


Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) – Individuals who want to know more about your products


Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) – Individuals who provide personal information such as email addresses


The Importance of Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the process that involves attracting new potential customers called “leads” into a contact management system.

Lead Generation is beneficial for every business as this will help you to convert potential customers to buying customers.

Here are the reasons why lead generation is beneficial to a business.

– Lead generation boosts your brand’s influence, and helps grow your customer base
– It focuses your marketing strategy squarely on your target demographic
– It allows further understanding of your company, customers, and competitors

Motion Infographics Video for Hello Energy

Want a “pay as you go” electricity service? With Hello Energy, you can take care of your light bills with no credit checks, contracts, and hefty deposits hassle-free.

Watch this motion infographics video we made for Hello Energy, and see how this company makes electronic service be as simple as saying hello.

How To Adapt Your Explainer Video for Foreign Markets

Here’s how to adapt your explainer video for foreign markets.

1. Translate the video

– The animation will need to be re-cut to match the pacing of the foreign language narration
– The text will need to be translated too
– Punch lines might not have the same impact when translated into another language

Cheaper option: Subtitles


2. Change the imagery, concepts, and execution

The video components that need to be reworked:
– Cultural references
– Sensitive material
– Race
– Geography

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