Danny Pehar of Does My Does Have a Soul | Ontario, Canada - Promoshin


“Hi, my name is Danny and I first contacted Promoshin, Ben and his team at Promoshin…with regards to an animated children’s video that I wanted to share. And right from the first conversation that I had with Ben, I knew this is the team that I wanna work with…because in the first 5 minutes he had given me the pricing based on the project that I was discussing.

So many of these other companies I noticed it was like okay “let’s have a conference call, let’s talk for an hour,” and I noticed Ben was different right from the start. So after I signed on with him, he put me through to my own project manager – a gentleman by the name of George.

And George kept me involved every step of the way. Anytime a new graphic was designed, anytime a new scene was created, George would show it me and say, “Danny, how do you think about this? Are you okay with this?” And then when we were done, the finished product was of course gonna be something that I was gonna love, because I was involved the entire time.

So the pricing was fantastic, working with the team is like unlike any other animation company that I have contacted, and the results were phenomenal. I really liked it, but more importantly than me really liking it…the fans of my stories really liked it as well.

 So I definitely recommend it. If you want a good price, you want a good team to work with, and you want some good results – I definitely recommend you contacting these guys. They’re a great group.”

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