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“We used Ben and team of Promoshin to create a marketing video that would synthesize our value proposition to potential customers and we knew that an effective way to grab their attention and really to make them acquire further about our services.

We were first attracted to the idea of creating an animated marketing video simply because of the fact that in our business which is executive leadership recruiting there’s a big need for us to be really be able to differentiate our services amongst our competitors so we saw a creative animated marketing video as a way to synthesize our value proposition and to be able to relay that to potential customers.

I had a very specific style of video in mind when I came to Promoshin and it really it looked to me just based on the type of videos that I’ve seen on their examples that clearly what I was looking for and what their style was quite a bit different, but when talking about what are requirements were and what we had in mind – we were very impressed by the fact they said look send us over a copy of the video you like and we’ll do just duplicate the style.

When we got to finished the video back I was just blown away at the quality, the professionalism, and what impressed me almost more than anything else was the fact that they were able to follow thru on what they said which was really being able to duplicate the style of the video example that we gave them. So from that standpoint we were able to achieve everything that what we wanted to, that they met our expectations, and were able to deliver in what they say they would.

I would highly recommend Promoshin to any small business looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors. I think a marketing video is a great way to do that; to be able to synthesize your value proposition and say it visually makes a huge impact. We’re very pleased with the quality of the work that Promoshin did for us and we’re very optimistic that this is gonna be valuable asset to our website and a tool to generate new leads and to ultimately close more sales.”

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