Doug Dahmer of | Ontario, Canada - Promoshin


“Promoshin came recommended to us by a business partner and after a quick search around their competitive pricing and a trusted referral was really all we need to make our choice. I’ve never done any animation work previously and I thought there was going to be a lot more creative work required on our side and it would take a lot longer.

In the end, we very quickly got a product that matched our needs and it was just so easy to do. The whole process, the whole way long, the team was responsive to our input. I never felt challenged to convey a direction I wanted to go with the video or to get a particular style across.

I’d definitely come back to Promoshin if we need more work done and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others. In fact, I wish I had used them in the past for other companies I’ve worked with if I’d know it was so easy.

They offer a great selection of animation styles, voices and music and they really didn’t stop until we had the product we wanted. Explainer videos are just such a great way to convey your message.”

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