Earl Barnett of StudyHall101 | Deland, FL - Promoshin


“I chose Promoshin because it was one of the best products that actually fit our organization out there. The expectations that I had were a lot of the other companies had the same sort of product but once I received the video it was most definitely totally different.

Fears that I had with Promoshin, kind of at the beginning, was just the follow through. It was a process and thought of sending this astronomical amount of money to a company that you’ve never seen before. I was really impressed by Promoshin once we hired them and actually got the sample product when it came back. It really kind of divided itself from a lot of the other competitors.

The features I love the most with Promoshin video was just the interactive and the motion animation that I did have and plus the personal approach that our person, George, actually put an effort in making the video. I would recommend Promoshin. Once we showed the video sample clip to other people within the organization, they absolutely fell in love with it.

Most definitely we’ll be doing another video with Promoshin. Definitely I would recommend Promoshin to any company that needs advertisement done.”

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