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“Hi, this is Coach Freddie with Coach Training for Warriors Elgin. So I just wanna give a shout out to Promoshin for hooking us up with this really cool video that basically says our whole message in a cartoon style which I think a lot of people are attracted to.

I didn’t really want to use my own face or my coaches. I just wanna get our message out without just cracking our clients, if that make sense and I felt like this cartoon illustration will get our message out the best and it’s absolutely been a smash. Our leads have been through the roof. We get our message through, and they’re pretty much their sold before they even come in.

You know that was my expectations and it worked out and it was a calculated gamble or risk I should say but you know by looking at their examples and their videos, I knew it was going to be a very low risk. It wasn’t like a high risk or anything but doing a video of myself with you know footage and all that , there could have been you know, you just never know.

As far as, you know, so that was one of the things I was debating whether to go with just doing a video of myself and my coaches or going this route and I definitely going with Promoshin  I just want to give you, if you guys thinking about it or on the fence. Definitely go with them. You know it’s a no brainer. Man, these videos are awesome.

As long as you fill out the questionnaire properly and get that what’s in your mind. Get it to them on their questionnaire and definitely get that message across and it’s really cool because they’re saying it and their illustrating at the same time.

So it’s just, it’s ridiculous man. So yeah, I wish you guys the best. Definitely go with them. Excuse me. Yes, Promoshin all the way.”

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