“My name is Fritz Friedman, creator of IftGift. The only way to suggest gifts, while you send cash.

When I approached Ben Marvazi of Promoshin for an explainer video, I had two unique problems. First is that the product concept, while incredibly simple, was a radical paradigm shift in how people think of gifting. Sure once the light bulb clicked on people got it but with surprising frequency, people had a hard time getting it. Heck, even the patent examiner missed it at first.

The second problem is that the way I intended to launch was also a radical paradigm shift. No dorm room engineering geniuses, no VC funding rounds.  Instead, my strategy was to build a credible proof of concept of the website’s entire front end, protect the core concepts with patents and to use those things to capture the interest of the big players who could best bring IftGift to fruition. So I needed an explainer video that – a) communicate it clearly, and b) look impressive.

As if the situation wasn’t challenging enough, I was probably Promoshin’s client from hell. Why? Because I had spent a good chunk of my early career writing and producing animation commercials for breakfast cereals – Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Count Dracula.

I knew high end communication animation commercials and animation, but being totally self-financed, cost was a monumental consideration. I don’t know whether Ben wound up considering me a valuable creative partner or a super demanding pain in the rear. That right there, the fact that I don’t know which, is a remarkable testament to Ben’s professionalism but more than that, I’m thrilled with the two explainer videos we animated. One could even be an eventual TV commercial.

Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, there’s no way you’re going to beat Ben Marvazi and Promoshin, and I stake my baby business IftGift on that simple fact. I don’t know what your business is all about, but you’ve got no business considering anyone else.”

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