“Hi, this is Greg Jeffries. Just want to cut this short video as a testimonial for Ben over at Promoshin with his animated explainer video service. I recently had a video created by Promoshin. I was very impressed with it.

What I liked about Promoshin that’s different about other services or maybe outsourcing at different places online is that they handle the scriptwriting, the creation of the video itself, and also, you know, the background music, the background sound effects and the voiceover. Sure, you can go to other places online and, you know, perhaps outsource each separate part for a little bit cheaper and assemble all the pieces yourself but Promoshin combines all those. Promoshin makes it easy for you and it’s a one stop shop if you want to have all that created and done for you.

Basically you either just come up with the idea or you come up with the script and they can take it from there. Ben was very easy to work with. Just from shopping around and looking at the other solutions out there for custom animated explainer videos, this is definitely one of the more affordable solutions out there.

One thing I really like about Promoshin is that you can either pay, you know, lump sum upfront or some of you, if that’s too much to ask in the beginning, they actually have a simple payment plan systems set up for you.

So again, I was very impressed by the custom animated explainer video that I had created by Promoshin for the product that I was promoting. If you’re looking for a professional and affordable solution for custom animated explainer videos I highly recommend you check out Promoshin.”

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