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How to Make a Kickstarter Video That Gets You Funded

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In a world of big institutions telling you no, you’re not good enough, Kickstarter tells you yes, you are!

With Kickstarter’s crowdfunding model, anyone with a great idea can raise millions of dollars to bring it to life.

Score one for the little guy! You too can become an overnight success!…yeah, right.

Kickstarter has certainly opened some doors, but the fact is, you can’t start with zero and run a successful campaign.

You’re going to need word-of-mouth marketing, web ads, maybe a celebrity endorsement or two, and most importantly, a great video.

A great video is the centerpiece of a great crowdfunding campaign. Literally.

A video also allows potential backers to share your campaign easily on social media.

So, what goes into a Kickstarter video that will get you funded?

1. Make it detailed.

If you take a look through the top funded Kickstarters, you’ll find that most videos are between 3 and 5 minutes in length. Because this is the entire sales pitch, you’ve got to squeeze everything important in there. Don’t skimp out on listing every feature that might get someone interested. You never know what will make them click the back button. Not that back button. That one.

2. Make it interesting.

Now, if you’re going to make a video on the longer side, you’ve got to do something that will keep people’s attention. This starts with the script. Make ‘em laugh! Make ‘em Cry! Make ‘em buy! This also means your video has to be visually interesting, which brings us to number-

3. Make it look good.

No one’s going to believe you can make a high-quality product if you can’t make a high-quality video. And the old talking head, story of my life schtick just won’t cut it anymore, not without a little spice. One great way to spice up your video is to record a live-action short film. But those can come out looking shoddy if you hire the wrong people, and the right people are very expensive. And let’s face it, if you’re looking to Kickstarter, you’re probably not rolling in it.

So the best option is animation. Animation is engaging, can be adjusted over and over again to suit changing needs, and most importantly, costs way less than a live-action video.

You can even splice in some easy-to-make talking heads clips if you’re keen on keeping with tradition.

If you’re interested in creating an animated video for your million-dollar campaign, call Promoshin. We’ve got a history of getting people funded, and would love for you to be next.

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