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“Hi, my name is James Mason from MindShop. It’s been great working with Promoshin over the past month on an explainer video project that we had them create for us.

Certainly lots of options out there when we searched on the internet. I’ve researched about four or five different providers, and looking at Promoshin, it was certainly one of those that I think gave the most transparency to the process, delivered from [what could I tell from the testimonials], on what they say they would do…and just quick in the communication.

I probably didn’t have high hopes getting into this process on the quality that would be received but that was certainly more than exceeded when we went ahead with Promoshin and had them create our video for us. I guess one of the probably biggest benefits I found in working with Promoshin for our explainer video is (as I said earlier) – just the promptness in replies, the openness to adapt and just deliver the outcome that we’re looking for our particular video.

I even loved the initial sales process where it was just prompt. A quick meeting was booked with a 15 minute slot with Ben, had a quick discussion about what we’re looking for. He relieved any fears I had about the process and we were straight into it.

It was terrific. So, the quality has been terrific. We are able to pick our own voiceover and background music, and I can’t recommend Promoshin high enough. Because again, they seem out of all the providers out there – to be the one that can actually deliver on what they say again they deliver for a cost effective investment that we made.

So again, look around at all the options, but I think you’ll find from looking at all the testimonial videos and the examples on the Promoshin site of Promoshin, they are certainly one of the better providers out there, and I highly recommend them from our perspective on delivering what they say they can.”

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