“My name is Jason Carlson. I run a small business to business software company, selling BI software to companies on top of the Microsoft stack. I had made a product video of my own when I first launched my company but I needed a shorter, more target sales video to help me improve my customer conversions.

I did a lot of searching around and got a couple of quotes for what I was looking for. Prices range from several hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. All of varying levels of features and involvement needed for me.

Promoshin was the best option for me in terms of budget, timing and quality. I had spent significant time reviewing the many videos and testimonials on the Promoshin site and I had a very clear idea of what I wanted based on the video I created myself.

All of the samples I reviewed helped me determine exactly what I was looking for and how to produce it. Getting started with Promoshin was very quick and easy. The only concern I had during the process was the time between iterations. Once we finalized the illustrations, the final video was done quickly and high quality.

Once I found Promoshin I felt comfortable doing business with them. Their pricing, terms and approach in producing the video was straightforward and exactly what I was looking for.

I would recommend Promoshin to anyone who is looking for an easy company to work with to produce a low cost, effective explainer video.”

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