Jeff Buchanon of Instant Payday Network | Huntington Beach, CA - Promoshin


“Hey guys, my name is Jeff Buchanon, and I just wanted to shoot this quick testimonial for the guys at Promoshin. I have an affiliate marketing business and some websites on the internet that I needed explainer videos for, and I never purchased one before so I did a lot of searching and came across a lot of different services and providers that did motion graphics and explainer videos.

A lot of them were really pricey and some of the ones that were cheaper, they were just not good to say the least. I came across Promoshin and Ben’s team and stuff and looked at their testimonials, looked at the previous videos they did and I liked what I saw. So I contacted them.

Really smooth process. They had a really professional process way of doing a few things, script and doing the voiceover and doing the graphics and everything.

I couldn’t be happier with the product that I was delivered from a first time I was doing an explainer video, and I definitely recommend their services. So I just want to just say thanks to Ben and Mark and the team at Promoshin. Thanks, guys.”

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