“Hi, my name is Jocelyn and my company was looking for an explainer video to replicate one that we already had for a different service that we offered and we were looking for a company that was proficient in completing these videos but also wasn’t too expensive.

That was one thing that we did notice when we were shopping around was that the cost is very high when trying to get an animated explainer video. So before getting it done, we expected that it would be a somewhat stressful process, but we picked Promoshin because of their cost, as well as the testimonials.

And the cost was fantastic. I spoke with Ben. He was great, and the process wasn’t painful at all.

We provided our script and what we wanted, as well as the fact that we wanted it to be similar to our already completed video and they had no problems working with that. Any revision requests that we had, which were minimal, they were very quick to complete.

I thought that was fantastic. It was a quick process. It was an easy process, and it was an inexpensive process.

I would recommend Promoshin to any company that is looking for an explainer video or promotional video for a low price but very great quality.”

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