Joe Latta of | Baltimore, MD - Promoshin


“Hi, this is Joe Latta from Freestyle Editorial and I’m here today to recommend Promoshin. We recently worked with Promoshin on an explainer video as part of a rebranding campaign for our company.

We looked at several different video companies before choosing Promoshin and, really, what attracted us to them were not only the quality and price—which are great—but also the lack of any restrictions on timeline, revisions, that sort of thing.

Going into it, we, you know, had concerns that Promoshin could actually deliver on that. That, you know, it was too good to be true but it really wasn’t, they delivered on everything they said. They were very accommodating, were quick and even in instances where we made a change and then decided later, you know, hey, we’d like to go back to we had previously, they were good, they were okay with it.

So, really, at the end of the day, we had a video that we were proud of and for a really great price and in our timeline. So, we’ll definitely be working with Promoshin again on another video and we highly recommend anyone else in considering an explainer video on a budget to definitely consider Promoshin. Thank you.”

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