“Hi guys, my name is John Baguio – CEO at Philstralia and founder of Baguio Sports.com, from Sydney Australia. We are in the process of expanding and exposing our new brand of sports gear called Baguio. But in order to do that we need an explainer video to tell the customers what we specialize in and what we do.

So we found Promoshin. This is my first explainer video and I’m proud to use it in all social media and in TV advertising in Australia.

Promoshin is very professional with a high level of communication throughout the project. They always keep you updated in all the processes and ask questions to make it better. Promoshin is the only company that offered the best price of explainer video, with great add-ons to choose from, and they’ll help you build a marketing and advertising strategy.

I will highly recommend you use Promoshin for your marketing video and advertising project, as they are the only ones who can understand your needs, and I will use Promoshin again for my future explainer videos. Thank you guys for watching.”

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