“Hello, my name is John D. Ellis. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. I am located in the state of Utah. Most currently I decided to create an explainer video.

I really like whiteboard animation. In researching a bunch of companies, I felt that Promoshin could really not just provide me a whiteboard animation video but an animated video that really explains who I am and what I do. That’s the primary reason why I chose them. I felt that they struck a nice balance between an explainer video and a whiteboard animation video.

The next reason why I ended up choosing them, I really researched some companies and narrowed it down to three.

One was the affordability. The next would be I felt that they really kind of conveyed to me that I would be a part of the collaborative process of creating the video. I really want to be a part of that creative process from the scripting, to the frames, to the voiceover. They really communicated effectively and there’s a great quality about how they dealt with it.

Those are the primary three reasons why I ended up choosing Promoshin and why I’m happy with the product that they produced and the process that I went through. Just to clarify, really effective and quality communication.

The next thing is that they really struck that balance between a whiteboard animation video and animated explainer video and most of all what really was important to me was I was able to participate and they were really patient and methodical and collaborating with me as I was part of that creative process. You know, it wasn’t difficult. A part of me thought it’s going to kind of be complicated and they really kind of narrowed it down and really help me understand the basics of the process.

I didn’t get lost in it. There’s a lot of communication through email. It was very efficient to create this video.

And then the last thing was the affordability but I really kind of wanted to promote Promoshin today as I really did appreciate the process that they help facilitate in creating my video and I’m very happy with it. Thank you.”

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