Jon Gillan of | Tempe, AZ - Promoshin


“Hi, my name is Jon Gillan and I am the owner of Pumpin Pal. We make accessories for moms that are using breast pumps.

When I was looking for a video company, I was looking for two things – value and quality. The first bid I got from a company was $8,500 for a two-minute video which I didn’t think had quite the value associated but I’m sure the quality was fantastic.

When I started talking to Promoshin, I realized that it was a company that would make the changes that I was looking for and worked with me but also doing it at a really good price. That’s what I got.

I love my video. I love everything that they have done about it. I loved working with them. It was a quick process and so I highly recommend Promoshin. Thanks a lot.”

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