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“Hello, my name is Joseph Fisher – Founder and President of Zeno Functional Foods. Today, I’d like to do a review of the Promoshin video service who made an explainer video for our company.

Why Promoshin? I started out looking at many different companies online primarily that make this type of explainer videos from one off single designers, videographers to large companies that they work for the largest corporations and I would say Promoshin sort of fell on that lower range of cost areas that wanted $2,000 to make a one or two minute video. There were certainly people cheaper and there were certainly companies that were much more expensive.

I was looking for something that would have a professional look to it and that had a lot of work that I can evaluate before I went into business with them and then also could do a professional job, so that’s the considerations I looked at in selecting Promoshin.

In terms of expectations – from their work I expected them to come up with a pretty professional product. I expected them to be pretty responsive to what I wanted in the video. They have a policy of unlimited revisions until you get the product that you want so I expected that.

I expected that it to take less than two months which is what they have quoted that it would take. All the expectations actually that I had were pretty much laid out by what they stated in their capabilities.

In terms of concerns, I was a little concerned with this unlimited revision policy that it may be hard to actually incorporate a lot of changes that I was thinking about, but that was not the case, they were very responsive to any changes or concerns that I had during the process. They ended up producing a really professional level video.

I would say it was not fully customizable in the sense that you know each character wasn’t designed to specification and that it’s because that would involve a lot of more time and a lot more money and I don’t think I wasn’t interested in that level of sophistication. We ended up with a very good product at a very good price point and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an explainer video.

I would most definitely go back to them again. I actually purchased a down payment on a second video for our second product so I have a lot of confidence in them my second time around, I think would be even easier for myself now that I know what the process all about. So that’s my review, again I highly recommend Promoshin for your explainer video needs. Thank you.

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