Justin Krieger of CommonwealthFundServices.com | Toronto, Canada - Promoshin


“Hi, my name is Justin. I’m from Commonwealth Fund Services. We used Promoshin to help create an explainer video for our website and many other marketing materials.

Why did we choose Promoshin? Well, while doing our research we found that many other product companies on the market were either highly expensive or didn’t provide this particular service.

While using Promoshin, the whole process was simple and straightforward. Ben, who works for Promoshin, helped us create this video from scratch. We created it with an idea, and from that idea he created a story, and from that story he created our video.

I would highly recommend Promoshin to many other clients and many other people in the industry. I found the process to be very smooth and the overall product to be excellent. Thank you very much.”

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