Kylan of | Los Angeles, CA - Promoshin


“Hello, my name is Kylan. I am the Director of Marketing of SlashMyFees. Really I just wanna make this video send a shout-out to Promoshin.

Really we’re looking over options out there as far as what video service to use. A variety of thoughts came in as far as what features and customer service and just reviews we want to look for and find out for who we could use our site for our business cuz that’s represents us as long as really important to us. Having used Promoshin in the past based on the recommendation by our trusted source and colleague, we were pretty satisfied with the results back then, pretty simple decision to come back to you guys.

Really as far as our expectations for what we had in mind and for what our video looked like and what it would contain and we were impressed to see that Promoshin was able to give us the same features that we loved and really thank us for our loyalty by doing such a great job and providing great competitive rates and in addition the overall result for our video just ended up being what we asked for.

I mean, literally the only surprise that I had was the timing. We had prior to in our typical business and we weren’t sure what the timing would like but we were pretty satisfied with the result once it did come to us.

As far as the overall result, the customer service, the interaction that we had, this service will definitely recommend to other business opportunities and other business colleagues and for our future use we look forward to working with Promoshin on our later projects.”

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