“My name is Mosingh Ghiassi of World Way Industrial Corp. Today I wanted to tell you about my experience with Promoshin.

We were on a failed video project that was being handled through an Indian video production company. They were far behind schedule and they were asking for more money. There was no end in sight. We at one point decided to dropped them and look for a new company and start the project all over again.

We came across Promoshin and Ben Marvazi. I had a conversation with him during which we asked for a contract, especially because of our experience in the past situation, we wanted to be sure that this was going to be handled properly. Ben told me that they do not normally sign contracts and however he would make sure that the project would be finalized and revised and revised and revised until it was the way we wanted it. Sure enough it happened just that way.

We had some difficulties – we wanted some shots revised and fixed up and changed, so on and so forth. They hung in there. They corrected it, they changed everything that we asked for in a timely manner. The video that they gave us was what we wanted. We were very happy with with their service.

I liked their handshake ways and the way that they stay true to their word. I recommend them highly for anyone who is looking to produce an animated video.”

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