“Hi there, this is a testimonial for Promoshin. I gotta say we chose Promoshin of all the other options out there because of the quality, the timeliness, and the really great support.

When we found out just doing the research around, shopping around, was things take a long time with other ones; you don’t really know was sort of quality you’re gonna be getting or how long it’s gonna take, so the expectations we had for doing this is that it might be taking us a long time. We were just a little bit concerned about how long that would take because we were trying to deliver a video for our product release coming up shortly.

So when we hired Promoshin, they were awesome. This is the second time actually we used them and great to work with, really easy process and getting started.

So, I’d say some of the biggest benefits we took away was really easy to get started, great good collaboration over email and then setting up some time to talk to an expert. I would definitely recommend Promoshin for those simple reasons. Getting a video up, getting great quality, and getting great customer support.

So hopefully this is a great testimonial and people get a good chance to see why they should be using Promoshin versus a majority of other vendors out there. Thank you so much.”

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