Rachel Wilson of ColoradoUtilitySolutions.com | Crested Butte, CO - Promoshin


“Hi, my name is Rachel and we chose Promoshin ultimately because they have the highest quality video for the best prices. Plus, during our research we found that a lot of other video producers had quite a few limitations such as the number of edits you could make or time frame you had to make the video and, on top of that, they cost more than Promoshin.

And our biggest fear, going into the process, was that we’d never done anything like this before and we were afraid that the end product would be something we weren’t happy with. Our expectations were, really, that we had no idea what to expect, so we were really fortunate Promoshin walked us through every step of the way.

Made it very it simple. And the biggest benefit ended up being the unlimited amount of changes. They would show us a storyboard or script, we could make adjustments and, then, see those changes and it really helped us a lot.

I think that the process was very simple with them. They also had a great price. We were really happy with the video at the end so, if you are looking for someone to do your explainer video, we would definitely recommend Promoshin.”

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