“Hi, my name is Roberta from Brazil. I work in Mexico City for a company called iVoy. It’s a company to delivery packages and documents and I would like to tell you a little bit about Promoshin which is a company I chose to make the video.

We are launching an app and around the market and the whole world as you can choose from whatever company in Brazil, Mexico, or U.S. We chose Promoshin because they are pretty good for doing what they do so it’s like very easy to find out your solution.

They do it pretty well and they have a good taste for explaining and doing in a very good way what we need for to present our product and we are, well I can tell you that we were pretty happy with the video that they made and the guy – he could really find out what we want, and he chose a very good image to show what we want, and we are pretty happy with that. Thanks a lot.”

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