“Hi, my name is Scott Phibbs. I’m with GymShuffle.com. I just wanted to talk about how using Promoshin.com was really a wonderful experience.

When we first started looking for an explainer video, we looked at quite a few different companies but we settled on Promoshin.com because they have a massive portfolio. It was really, really expansive and a really great examples and they had the exact video type we wanted and they were very reasonably priced, so we were very happy with that.

What we, we weren’t really nervous about too much, we just really wanted the video done and they were very accommodating, very patient with us. We had a lot of edits, so, we but they were very, once again, I like to say they were very patient, very helpful, very accommodating, they were really, really terrific.

The staff was amazing. Jack and George were terrific, super helpful. Helped us with every aspect of it, answered all of our questions. It was really, really a great experience.

Overall, I would highly recommend Promoshin.com to anybody who wanted to make an explainer video for a website or for their business. It was a terrific experience. Thanks a lot Promoshin.com!”

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