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At Promoshin, our streamlined production process makes creating your video easy, fast, and fun! Here’s how it works.

First, you’ll decide what length of video you need, and put in a deposit. If you’re not sure of the exact length you want – don’t worry, we can always adjust your balance later! Then, you’ll need to give us some information so we can get started.

First, A questionnaire, which asks you some questions about your business and video goals. If you have any other materials that might help us write your script, send those along as well! You’ll also need to choose a video style.

We can create videos in any style, so please send us a link to the specific video you like best. Keep a special eye out for how the characters look. Next, you’ll send us your logo and any branding suggestions and choose a voice actor from our library!

Once we have all those materials, our world class writers will get to work on your script, which will include both voiceover and animation ideas. Our creative director will work on your script with you until it’s perfect.

Then our animation team will create a storyboard. This means each scene of your video will be sketched out so you can get a sense of how it looks. Your project manager will work with you from here.

And don’t forget – Promoshin gives you unlimited revisions at each stage, so feel free to make as many changes as you need.

After your storyboard is approved, we’ll bring it to life in full-color illustrations. The illustrations are exactly how your video will look, minus the movement, so make sure everything looks good!

Once the illustrations are complete, our extraordinarily handsome voice talent will record your script and our expert team of animators will get to work making your illustrations move!

Your project manager will present your video, and you’ll have more time to make any necessary changes.

And once you’re completely happy with your new video, you’ll take care of the final balance on your account, and we’ll send you your video download link! It’s that easy.

So how long does this all take? It depends on a few variables, including the length of your video, the style of your animation, how quickly you can give us your feedback, and the number of revisions we need to make.

If you need your video really soon, you’ll want to take advantage of our RUSH service, which will prioritize your project over all the others in our queue.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our helpful team members. Thanks for watching!

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