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“My name is Toraye and I’m with a small company called Tarts On Fire. We were recently looking in to getting an explainer video just to get the idea what our product does across a little better than just the pictures and some text on our websites was able to do.

And as we started looking into it, we found that getting an explainer video can be a little expensive. So we were a little discouraged. And then I came across with, got super excited because we could totally get our video done well within our budget.

I spoke with Ben a couple of times. He explained how everything worked. Then we went for it, got the script sent over, picked the one we really liked, gave them the ideas that we’d like to add to the script. They were happy to do that.

Then when it came time to do the actual animation, told them kind of what we were envisioning in the different frames, and they were happy to implement those. It was a fairly smooth process with that. We give our ideas. They implement it.

Then we were always like, “Oh, maybe tweak this, tweak that,” and hey were always happy to fix it. It wasn’t a big deal, and like I said – for a reasonable price. So I would definitely highly recommend to other people for explainer videos.

And then to top it off, towards the end of the process, Ben sent out some information on how to get our video out there so more people would see it. We had just anticipated putting it on the website, putting it on the Facebook page, putting it on YouTube, but he gave a deeper explanation of this is what you need to do so that more people will see it, and I’m really excited about it, can’t wait for the people to start coming in in droves to the website.

So again, I definitely highly recommend it, and you can do it well within your budget. Thanks a lot.”

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