“Hey guys, just want to send out a quick referral for Promoshin video. My partner and I, we run FoodRevolt.com and we were looking for an instructional video or an explainer video that was going to help us explain our database.

We did extensive research online. We knew that we didn’t want to spend like $10,000. We knew weren’t going to get it as cheap as $300. We were looking for a company that was in between that offer tremendous value for the sources that they provided for the video.

We were super happy with Promoshin’s video. The communication that we had along the project was spot on. They kind of knew what we were looking for, picking out what kind of video we want, just the whole process of, you know, submitting our storyline or having them help us with it, getting the artwork back, approving it -it all went off that hitch. It was really, really great.

I would just say tons and tons of value relative to some of the other companies out there. We were very happy with our final video. We deployed it immediately. We already getting a huge return on our investment for it. Super excited with Promoshin. I’d use them. Thanks. That’s all I got.”

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