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“Hi, my name is Vivian Conterio and I am with a franchise in South Florida called Cool de Sac. We are a family entertainment and restaurant. We offer our families great quality food and also a lot of entertainment for kids mostly under 10 years old.

We started franchising this past year and with all the growth that we’re experiencing and the trade shows that we are working on and different exhibitions throughout the world, we needed to have a short little video made for the trade shows and to be able to send to our franchisees when they were looking at what the concept was. So I started looking at different promotional videos.

I came across a bunch of them on YouTube and found that they were produced by a company called Promoshin. I did contact them and they were very, very nice and very easy to work with.

The best thing that I found when speaking to Ben and his team was that they could develop this video for us and also try to incorporate some of the different styles that we wanted. None of the styles that they had shown us were really what we were looking for when we wanted to create the video.

In our video we needed to have a lot more animation, video of our locations as well as some of our press releases in addition to a lot of still images of the food so people could actually see what we are about.

At first, I was very hesitant about trying to pick up the style that wasn’t going to work for us. But Mark and his team really did a great job of producing the videos, incorporating all of the images, the videos, the little slide shows. It’s a really great animated video showing the concept in a short amount of time.

We were really excited that we have this nice promotional piece to be able to send out to our prospective franchisees. We are more excited that it was done so professionally in such great time.

I really think that any business doing any kind of services or any kind of products that they want to sell should have some kind of marketing piece that they could send out and explains the video very easily. I think when you incorporate the animation and make it fun, people actually want to watch the video.

It is not one of the old, you know, Powerpoint-type of videos. It is a lot of fun to watch and I’m really excited now to be able to send a professional video to all of our new leads that we have.

We are very thankful for Mark and his team for putting this together for us. We look forward to working with you guys in the future. Thank you.”

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