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“Hello my name is Vladimir. I’m operating a staffing solutions here in Ottawa.

What we are doing, we mostly supply our clients, nursing retirement facilities. We start with registered nurses, practical nurses and personal support workers. Most of our requests come in on short notice. We have to be fast and efficient in this case.

We purchased the new software from the software development company which completely responds on our needs. In order to let our clients know that we are using this software, we started looking for ways, most efficient way how to present this to our clients.

We all know that today nobody is reading the long stories and everybody needs to get to the point right away. That’s why I was thinking to find a company that make an animated video. In the short time, one minute or minute and a half, will deliver this message to our clients.

Searching by internet I found Promoshin. The communication with Promoshin was established very fast. I got a clear idea of the whole process.

I wasn’t sure what to start from because it was my first experience making video. But in short, explainer Promoshin people gave me a very clear idea about video, about illustration.

They corrected my script, making it concise in one minute. Sent it to me by email so I revised it very fast and send them back approval.

They make an illustration and they make video that I really liked. Now all our clients have this video and everybody knows, everybody has their clear idea what are we doing now without long explanations.

I highly recommend Promoshin as a company to any other customer, any other business because the process is very clear, the people are very fast and efficient. The most important thing, you can expect from them things to be done exactly what you want.

Thank you for creating the video for us. Have a good day. Vladimir Staffing Solutions Ottawa.”

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