Why Do You Need an Explainer Video? - Promoshin



You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

No, really. You have to spend a lot of time explaining.

Explaining what your company does to potential investors, clients, crowdfunders, you name it. Explaining your new product or service.

Explaining a cause worth getting behind.

Explaining why you deserve people’s attention…and why your competitors don’t.

You might feel like you spend a lot of your time explaining, and not a whole lot of time doing.

That’s where Promoshin comes in.

Since 2011, Promoshin has been creating some of the best explainer videos on the web for a price that’s affordable for everyone – not just the big guys. Though, we work with them too.

Our videos improve engagement, conversions, SEO, and best of all…they save you from explaining the same thing over and over and over again.

Our streamlined process is fast, easy, and we guarantee you’ll love your video. So the only thing you’ll have to explain is why it took you so long to sign up.

Promoshin: YOUR animated explainer video company.

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