23 Reasons Why to Choose Promoshin for Your Explainer Video - Promoshin



Making a video can be a challenging test

And lots of companies say they’re the best

With so many options and so much to lose

How can you know which people to choose?

Let me make the case for Promoshin.com

In my humble opinion, I’d say we’re the bomb

There are tons of things that make us high-qual-i-tee

But for now let me list the top twenty-three

We cost less than the other guys, and have better service

Our money-back guarantee means no need to be nervous

We can finish your video in just a few weeks

We’re experts in the hottest animation techniques

We’re based in Los Angeles, U S of A

Why waste the weekend? We work every day!

A project manager is here to answer your questions

And a creative director to make great suggestions

There are no surprises, no fine print to read

With unlimited revisions, change as much as you need!

A full production team means you’re never alone

And there’s always someone here to answer the phone

Everything is included for one standard price

We even offer financing ‘cause we’re extra nice!

You’ll get a great script from our expert script writer

With our marketing guidance, your future looks brighter

We can translate your video for any country

And we’ll even maintain it for a small monthly fee

Use the graphics from your project all over your site

If we can’t convince you, our testimonials might

Still don’t believe us? Get a past client on the phone

And find out what all of these big-shots have known

When it comes to video, Promoshin raises the bar

That’s why we’ve made thousands of them (so far)

So give us a call, see what we can do

Everyone’s here, we’re just waiting for you

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