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Affordable Product Video Creation

We make product videos that increase sales on your e-commerce site, Amazon, and social media - starting at only $1000.

Product Video Examples

Rates for product video creation starts at $1000 and depends on locations, actors, and what's involved.
Kozy Blanket Pillow
BrosTrend: Wifi Extender
Lunchyclub: Subscription Meal Service
Configwise: AR-Powered Retail Database
The Mouse Software: AI- Powered Monitoring
AdvanTech: Cyber Security Services
Hologear: Photoreflective Sports Gear
Jink: Storage Cube
Model Gunshop: Miniature Firearms
String Sling

Production Process

The typical production timeframe is roughly 4 to 6 weeks


This is the planning stage of your project. It will start with a kick-off & brainstorming call with your project manager. Then we write your script and storyboard, cast required crew members (videographers, actors, etc), find locations, rent equipment or props, and fully plan & schedule the shooting day(s). 


This is the day(s) our production crew goes to work. Videographers, actors, and everyone else meet at the shooting location for filming. We also record any voiceover spots.


Now we actually put the video together. We edit the video and choose the best footage to put together, add sound (voiceover, music, sound FX), add any animation or motion graphics, add titles or text, and render the first draft of the video for you to review.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We won’t stop working on your video, until you’re completely satisfied with everything about it. Aside from fully understanding what type of video you’re looking for in terms of style and messaging upfront, we’ll also get your feedback on everything at every step of the process. This way, we’ll never get to a point where you don’t like the final product. But if for any reason you don’t like it, we’ll work endlessly to ensure we do everything it takes to improve your video and meet your expectations. No client ever leaves Promoshin unhappy.

Value That Speaks For Itself

Get all the bells and whistles for rates starting at only $1000.

Product Testing

We fully test & inspect your products to ensure it's fit for production and we fully understand its features & functionality.


We have a brainstorming call to determine the most engaging way to communicate the benefits and features of your product. 


Our experienced writers will write a compelling script that includes both voiceover/dialogue and all the shots.

Casting Actors

Our casting agent finds the best talent options to be featured in your video based on your preferences.

Production / Filming

Most of our videos are filmed in our studio or a home, but we can accommodate any location your product needs.

Editing / Graphics

Our experienced video editors and animators create the best possible video that includes everything to make your it a success.

Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited editing revisions until you're fully satisfied with your video. No questions asked and no pushback.

Project Manager

Your PM will keep you updated through every step of the process and get your feedback on everything along the way.

Custom Photography

We  also offer product or lifestyle photography as an additional service to compliment your video(s).

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Check out what some of our past clients say below.
"I did a lot of Google searches. I talked to colleagues and friends just to see what was available out there and quite frankly, I didn’t see anything quite like Promoshin. Nobody had the body of work."

Paul Slack of
Farmers Branch, TX
“Honestly, I am a pretty demanding customer and I didn’t have a single complaint about the entire process or the end product working with Promoshin. If you don’t believe me, contact me.”

Marty Metro of
Los Angeles, CA
“We actually like them so much, we just wrapped up our second video. The best feature about using Promoshin is their project management and engagement.”

Michael Greer of
Scottsdale, AZ
“The quality is top-notch for the price you’re going to pay. You can’t beat it. So go out, look, definitely look around. Look at the other products, but I guarantee you come back to Promoshin.”

James Baffuto of
North Porth, FL
"All my friends and family have nothing but rave reviews about the explainer video and what I have to say. It’s made my husband very, very jealous, I think he wants to do one now for his business.”

Donna Nordby of Terra Firma Global Partners
Sebastopol, CA
“From the outset I was really impressed with the quality of the service that they offered, the price points that they were able to offer to me but more importantly the quality of the people that I was dealing with.”

Andy Sutton of
Thornborough, United Kingdom
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Google Reviews

74 reviews on
shyllet ndlovu
shyllet ndlovu
March 19, 2022.
Great interview process, thoroughly planned and I enjoyed exploring their selection process❤
Read more
Megan Myers
Megan Myers
February 14, 2022.
Really enjoyed working with Promoshin on our video to investors. They were very friendly, professional, and timely. Have gotten really great feedback on the video so far!
Read more
February 11, 2022.
Promoshin provided more options, services, payment plans and in the introductory meeting, they presented themselves not only professionally but presented with passion and enthusiasm for my business dreams. I'm someone who will select a product or service by taking into consideration how personalized the service might be i.e., I want myself and my business to be understood and tailored to. I chose Promoshin because of a sense of their collaboration with and commitment to my objectives. I also chose Promoshin because of the studio's ability to work fast should the need arise and do so without compromising quality and detail. I was glad I chose Promoshin because it did eventuate that I needed to make some changes towards the end of production which would cause my timeline to extend beyond a business target date, despite Promoshin estimating a reasonable delay/time-frame, to which I agreed, they were still able to deliver the video earlier than the re-scheduled date. The end product was fantastic, high quality and exactly what I required. The entire process of working together with the Promoshin production team was excellent and it is the reason I won't go elsewhere for animation work.
Read more
Andrea Sparrow
Andrea Sparrow
February 7, 2022.
I worked with Promoshin over several months, on a long video. This was a challenging project and the team at Promoshin did a great job! They heard my feedback and worked hard to get the final animations done to my satisfaction. I'd recommend them for your animation needs!
Read more
January 7, 2022.
Matej Mitev
Matej Mitev
January 7, 2022.
We’ve used this service for our company and they delivered a quality video. Professional and responsive
Read more
anton prenneis
anton prenneis
January 6, 2022.
Amazing quality and customer experience at a very low cost.
Read more
December 21, 2021.
Have absolutely enjoyed doing business with this company, The work is very professional the staff Patient, knowledgeable, Friendly and professional, I plan on doing more work with Promoshin in the future, I highly recommend them.
Read more
Robert Divis
Robert Divis
December 9, 2021.
Promoshin listens actively to the needs of its clients and makes products that accurately capture their vision and intent. Their videos have been highly effective for us at capturing the attention of our intended audience and represent a good value for the money. Very pleased and will be using them to make more.
Read more
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