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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Promoshin

What types of clients does Promoshin work with?

We work with brand new startups all the way up to Fortune 500 companies all over the world, including BBB, Kaiser, Capital One, Uber, Comedy Central, Oracle, Pfizer, and many more. There’s not an industry or type of business we haven’t made a video for. Technology, healthcare, services, marketplaces, ecommerce - you name it, we’ve done it.

What makes Promoshin unique or different from competitors?

Where do we start?! The main reason why over 8,500 clients have chosen Promoshin since 2011 is because we offer the absolute best value for what you get. The best combination of quality, price, and service. We’ve found that if you go any lower than our rates, you start getting into offshore freelancer territory. Promoshin offers the absolute best rates for quality of video, level of service, and overall creative input you’ll receive from our team. Any lower than our prices and it would be difficult to expect to receive creative direction or valuable insights and ideas that can make or break your video. Many things are good to outsource and find the absolute lowest rates on. But your company video, the first thing prospects will see and judge your company on, is not one of them. You also don’t need to pay more than our rates for a top-notch video. Some people think they won’t get a great video if they don’t spend at least $5,000 to $10,000, and that’s far from the truth. You shouldn’t have to pay more because a company doesn’t have a streamlined or efficient process for making quality videos at low rates. Promoshin has mastered the art of making quality videos using a very streamlined and efficient production process that we’ve been continuously improving since 2011.

What are your Google and Clutch ratings?

We have a 4.9 out of 5 on Google, and 4.9 on Clutch. In fact, Clutch rated us as one of the top 100 explainer video production companies in the world!

Do you have testimonials from clients you’ve worked with?

We have over 200 video testimonials posted on our site. Go here to check them out.

Did Promoshin really write the #1 selling book on explainer videos?

We sure did! Type in “explainer video” into Amazon and you’ll see our book listed as the number one result - Explain Yourself! How To Make Explainer Videos The Right Way.

How long have you been around?

Promoshin has been around since 2011 when online video was still in its infancy stage. Since then we’ve made over 8,500 videos for some of the biggest brands in the world, including BBB, Kaiser, Capital One, Uber, Oracle, Pfizer, and many more. Being around for so long has allowed us to master the art of making high-quality videos at the most affordable rates, without sacrificing quality or service.

How many videos have you made?

Since 2011, we’ve made over 8,500 videos for some of the biggest brands in the world, including BBB, Kaiser, Capital One, Uber, Oracle, Pfizer, and many more.

What kinds of videos are you best at?

Our specialty is explainer, marketing, commercial, and product videos for businesses - regardless of the specific video style. We’re experts in understanding any product or service, and communicating it in the simplest, most engaging way that inspires viewers to take your desired action (sign up, fill out a form, etc.). But here are 22 different types of videos we make.

Where are you located?

We’re located in Los Angeles. The video production capital of the world, which gives us access to the best talent available.

What if I’m in another country or city?

Not a problem at all! We work with clients all over the world via email and phone. In fact, we’ve worked with clients in over 24 countries. If you’re doing a live-action video, all you have to do is ship us your product or we can even buy it on Amazon if it’s listed there. 

Can I meet with a representative in person?

Absolutely! Although it’s certainly not necessary, we would love to meet with you.

Pricing, Payment, & Terms

How much does an animated video cost?

Most animated videos cost between $1000 to $2500 depending on length, style, and a few other factors. 3D animation is the one style that costs more and requires a custom quote depending on the project scope. Go here to get an instant quote in under 30 seconds or schedule a call to get an exact price.

How much does a live action video cost?

Most live-action videos cost between $2000 to $6000 depending on number of actors, locations, and what exactly is involved. Go here to get an instant quote in under 30 seconds or schedule a call to get an exact price.

How are your rates so low compared to other full-service video production studios?

Promoshin is successful today because since 2011 we’ve been making high-quality videos at super affordable rates, with excellent service, unlimited revisions, and a satisfaction guarantee. Due to our rates being so low compared to our competitors who may charge $5,000, $10,000, or even $20,000+, some clients wonder why - which we completely understand. The secret is that we’ve created proprietary systems and processes in our streamlined production process which allows us to make videos more efficiently, and we pass the savings on to you. This is why Promoshin has made over 8,500 videos for brands all over the world, including: BBB, Kaiser, Capital One, Uber, Oracle, Pfizer, and many more.

I found a freelancer that’s offering me a video for under $500. Can you beat it?

As the old saying goes, “what you pay is what you get.” When it comes to making something so creative like a video for your business, nothing can be more true. Go here to see how we compare to offshore freelancers. Sure, you can get a cookie-cutter video made for under $500, but ask yourself what a sub-$500 video is really going to do for your business. If anything it actually harms your business. A templated video that looks and sounds like everyone else’s video (ie: “Meet Bob”) will not get you the results and growth you’re hoping to get. For your video to actually perform well, you need a well thought out video that really communicates your desired message and inspires viewers to take action. A generic video isn’t going to do this for you. With that said, if you still can’t afford our low rates of $1000 to $2500 - please ask us about a payment plan option.

What are the payment terms?

We offer 2 options: Option 1) Pay in full upfront and get unlimited revisions at every stage of the production process. Option 2) Pay 50% upfront and 50% upon completion - but you’ll be limited to only 2 rounds of revisions at every stage.

Why do I need to pay in full upfront to get unlimited revisions?

We’ve been offering unlimited revisions since we first started in 2011, and we’ve unfortunately had some clients take advantage of our willingness to truly make unlimited revisions at every stage. One issue is that some clients literally make revisions for 6 months to a year and they can never make up their minds. And since we offer unlimited revisions, we can’t go back on our word and tell them we can’t make any more changes. So we end up making as many revisions as they want. We don’t mind this, but can you imagine if we didn’t collect payment for the project upfront in full and waited over 6 months to receive the final balance? This puts us at the mercy of clients, and it truly affects our cash flow and ability to operate our business. Another issue is that oftentimes clients stall during the process. This can be for many reasons such as: the video is not a priority for them, someone on the team gets sick or quits, something in their business changes which affects the content of the video causing us to wait until they finalize things before proceeding, etc. We’ve seen it all! And unfortunately when a client stalls, that means we can’t collect the final balance until they decide to restart and finish the project - which affects our cash flow and ability to operate our business. A final issue is that in order to keep our video production rates affordable for you, we don’t have an Accounts Receivable person on our staff to chase after final balances and payments. These are the reasons why we absolutely must collect payment upfront if you want unlimited revisions. It’s the only fair and logical solution.

Is there any kind of satisfaction guarantee? What if I don’t like your work?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that we won’t stop working on your video, until you’re completely satisfied with everything about it. Aside from fully understanding what type of video you’re looking for in terms of style and messaging upfront, we’ll also get your feedback on everything at every step of the process. This way, we’ll never get to a point where you don’t like the final product. But if for any reason you don’t like it, we’ll work endlessly to ensure we do everything it takes to improve your video and meet your expectations. No client ever leaves Promoshin unhappy.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, bank wires, checks, and Paypal.

Are there any extra or hidden costs I should know about?

Absolutely not. The nice thing about working with us is that our rates are all-inclusive, with no extra fees of any kind. We even offer unlimited revisions at every stage of our production process.

Production Process

Who comes up with the creative idea and script for my video?

While coming up with the idea and script is included in our fixed rates, we do have some clients who like to provide their own rough script or outline to work off. Typically, most clients will have us take care of the idea and script for their video. We do this based on you filling out our extensive questionnaire that asks everything we need to communicate your message in an engaging and easy to understand way that inspires viewers to take your desired action.

How does the production process work?

We kick things off with you filling out a questionnaire that asks everything we need to communicate your message in an engaging and easy to understand way that inspires viewers to take your desired action. From there the production process is different if you make an animated video vs. live action. Both types of videos go through 3 stages. If you make an animated video, the stages are:
          (1) Scriptwriting
          (2) Storyboarding / illustrating
          (3) Production (animation, voiceover, music, etc.)

If you make a live action video, the stages are:
          (1) Pre-Production (script writing, casting actor(s), booking a filming location, etc.)
          (2) Production (filming day)
          (3) Post-Production (voiceover, editing, adding graphics/text, etc.)

Throughout the process, you’ll work directly with your Project Manager(s), with access to them via email and phone.

How long should my video be?

For explainer videos that you’ll use on your website, we typically recommend 60 to 120 seconds max. For video ads that you’ll use for advertising and social media, we recommend 30 seconds or less. The only times your video should be longer than 120 seconds is if you have a really complex product or service, or if it’s a sales video that needs to address all of your prospect’s concerns.

How long does it take?

It typically takes anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to make a high-quality video from start to finish. We also offer rush service that can cut the time down to as little as 3 to 10 days (depending on the style). The time it takes to make your custom video can vary based on several factors including:
          (1) Length of your video.
          (2) Complexity of the style of your video.
          (3) Your responsiveness when we send things to review.
          (4) Number of revision requests at each stage. 

While we strive to do our best to complete videos as soon as possible, it’s not a good idea to rush making such an important marketing tool for your business. It’s much better to spend the time necessary to make a high-quality video that will get you results for years to come. Making a great video is a creative and collaborative process that takes time and patience to perfect.

Do you offer rush service?

We do offer priority rush service for an extra fee. Typically, the fastest we can make a video without sacrificing quality is roughly 3 to 10 days. Contact us to discuss the scope of your project and its deadline to find out if we can accommodate your deadline.

How do I know Promoshin will understand my business and communicate my message effectively?

We’ve made over 8,500 videos in every industry imaginable. Our seasoned creative writers have experience writing engaging scripts for the most complex businesses in the world. We have a scriptwriting framework for simplifying any business message in a way that makes it easy for viewers to understand and take your desired action. On top of all of that, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means we won’t stop working on your script until you absolutely love it!

What does Promoshin need from me to start?

All we need from you is a signed proposal, payment, and a filled-out questionnaire.If you have your own script or rough outline of any kind, you’ll have an opportunity to upload it in the questionnaire process.

How involved will I be in the process?

You can be as involved as you want to be, but all we really need from you is the upfront questionnaire and after that - all you need to do is provide feedback at each stage of the production process. We take care of everything else on our end.

Who will I be working with?

While there are lots of people on your production team (writers, illustrators, animators, videographers, voice artists, etc.), your main point of contact will be your Project Manager(s). They will help take you from beginning to end with your video project, and will be available to you via email and phone throughout the entire process. They’ll help with creative input, updates, and much more.

Can I reach someone via phone and email throughout the production process?

Of course! Your Project Manager(s) will be available for you via phone and email throughout the entire production process.

How many revision rounds are included at each stage?

We offer unlimited rounds of revisions at each stage of our production process, so you don’t have to worry about paying any extra costs for multiple revisions or changes you may need. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how something will look until you actually see it, and we fully understand that. This is why we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our job is not done until you’re 100% happy with your video!

Do you outsource your work or is it done in-house?

Since 2011, all of our work has been done by in-house employees. But as with any video production company, we do work with freelance talent as well. Typically any actors (for live action videos) or voiceover artists work with us on a freelance basis which is standard in the industry.

Marketing, Distribution, & Performance

Where should I host my video?

There are three main options for hosting your video. YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia. Each has their own unique features and advantages that you should look into. But our favorite video hosting option is Vimeo.

Does Promoshin help with marketing and distributing my video to my target audience?

We’re not called Promoshin for no reason! Part of what we do is help our clients setup video promotion and social media campaigns to market their videos and businesses. Not every client is a good fit, but we offer all clients a free assessment and consultation so you at least know your options and what’s best for you.

What’s the best way to market my video?

The best way to market your video is to promote it where your target audience is, and where you can reach them at the lowest cost with the highest ROI. These days, the best options for advertising your business are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and LinkedIn. This is where all your potential customers are, and where you can easily reach them. Luckily, we offer all clients a free consultation to help you plan an effective video marketing strategy - so you’re not left with a video that you don’t know what to do with.

How will I know how well my video is performing?

The short answer is that it’s bringing in new leads and customers. But sometimes it’s not so easy to attribute whether it was the video, the offer, the landing page, or something else that caused the conversion. So another way to gauge the performance is to check the video analytics. All video hosting platforms will give you data on number of plays, how many seconds your video gets watched, and more. A more subjective way to know how well your video is performing is whether potential customers bring up your video or give you compliments on it.

Can Promoshin provide a short version of my video to use for social media and video advertising?

Longer videos don’t tend to do well for video advertising purposes. Just like a TV ad, a video ad should be as short as possible. The goal with a video ad is to get viewers interested enough so they visit your website and watch your longer explainer video that goes into more detail. So yes, if you’re making a longer video, we can also provide a shortened commercial cut version of your video for a small extra fee.

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