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3 Main Types of Calls to Action for Your Animated Video

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Uncover the Ideal Video Style for Your Needs

Let our cheat sheet guide you to the ideal video style for your unique business needs.

Here are the 3 main types of calls-to-action for your animated video.

1. Voiceover CTA

  • Very effective for people who like being addressed by a recognizable voice
  • Voice quality and pacing should be consistent throughout the animated video
  • Should be accompanied by Text CTA's or subtitles when used in social media videos

2. Text CTA

  • Text should be bold and kept for the last 15 seconds of the animated video
  • Must be clear and highlighted from the rest of the video
  • Should stay on screen for at least 7 seconds

3. Clickable CTA

  • Typically includes a hypertext link or clickable button
  • Provides the shortest path to conversion
  • Any URL change and a dead link may produce an extremely negative experience

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Unlock the Power of Video for Your Business

Explore our diverse range of video styles and elevate your marketing with the perfect video tailored to your needs.

Find Out How Much Your Video Will Cost

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