3 Main Types of Calls to Action for Your Animated Video - Promoshin

Here are the 3 main types of calls-to-action for your animated video.


1. Voiceover CTA

  • Very effective for people who like being addressed by a recognizable voice
  • Voice quality and pacing should be consistent throughout the animated video
  • Should be accompanied by Text CTA’s or subtitles when used in social media videos


2. Text CTA

  • Text should be bold and kept for the last 15 seconds of the animated video
  • Must be clear and highlighted from the rest of the video
  • Should stay on screen for at least 7 seconds


3. Clickable CTA

  • Typically includes a hypertext link or clickable button
  • Provides the shortest path to conversion
  • Any URL change and a dead link may produce an extremely negative experience

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